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Honey is the most famous and most important of bee products. It is characterized by its specific physical, chemical, taste and medicinal properties. It is these properties are often the cause of difficulties. In the case of using of fresh liquid honey with a roll or a sandwich honey often drips and stains your hands, clothes or table. Solid crystallized honey in general can not be spread on a bun, which sometimes causes a reluctance to use this valuable product. All these disadvantages disappear with the appearance of creamed honey. Technique of cooking of creamed honey is based on mechanical stirring of the processed from the comb honey up to the point of crystallization. Stirring prevents the creation of large crystals. Because of this honey does not crystallize solid. It should be said that nothing is added to honey and not extracted.

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Consistency of honey-cream is like margarine or thick mayonnaise. Therefore it can always be easily removed from any container and spread on any surface. What matters is that this honey can be kept for a long time. Wilde in 1992 described some of the benefits of honey-cream. 

1. It can be recommended for a full year as a product of the highest quality. 

2. Once cooked, it does not require the heating or other effects which reduce the quality. 

3. Always is in a convenient spreadable consistency. 

4. After cooking in the form of cream contains all the flavors and the quality of honey, freshly pumped from a comb. This is typical for honey from dandelion and gardens. 

5. Often misunderstood by consumers rape honey during cooking acquires an attractive appearance and flavor.

6. Especially it is suitable for housewives at home, because due to its consistency does not stick to hands, does not leave stains on the tablecloth or clothing.

7. This honey does not split into factions. Consequently, there is no danger of fermentation.

8. Creamed honey may be spread on a bun, making it easy to cook for children. It is a wonderful replacement of popular chocolate creams.

Honey, really well cooked, contains no big crystals, looks like fluffy and has a pearly glow. In this state it very well keeps the smell. Its viscosity is greatly influenced by temperature. The optimum storage temperature is 20-22 C (70 F). The consistency of the cream is stored for about a year, and then begins to harden. It should be especially noted that the preparation of honey-cream is a very useful technology for consumer health. This technology does not alter the therapeutic and other properties of honey, only slightly modifies the physical properties of the sugar crystals in the honey.

Creamed honey recipe

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It is known that honey can be again turned into a liquid by heating. But it is difficult to achieve the desired temperature (35-45 degrees C (104 F) and the process is quite time-consuming and the honey loses its properties. You just put a jar of liquid honey in a warm place for 6-8 hours …. and then whip with powerful mixer for 4-6 min. The result is delicious.


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