Aloe vera honey

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Honey – is a natural source of energy. It improves memory, is a great energizer. Our ancestors treated with honey heart disease, eye, respiratory and stomach.

Previously, there was a custom (by the way, it is now)  to regale the newlyweds with honey during a month, that they “charge” their health and the health of their future children. Therefore, the first month of marriage is called honeymoon.

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Honey strengthens the vitality of man, strengthens the immune system, nervous system, heart muscle. We receive energy from the glucose contained in honey.

Honey is good support for the body hormones. It has up to 80 nutrients, which are necessary for vitality. By the way, 98% of them are assimilated!

Honey has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Thus, the study of honey, which has lain for hundreds of years in the tombs, discovered that he had not lost its useful properties. Real honey never grows moldy.

And honey is a natural preservative. For example, in ancient Greece, they stored meat with honey. Honey if it is stored properly, can save the active compounds up to 1000 years. This feature of the honey is used in embalming.

All properties of honey we get, drinking aloe vera with honey.

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Aloe Vera with honey normalizes the gastrointestinal tract, improves digestion and absorption of nutrients. Aloe Vera with honey has cleansing properties, accelerates the removal of metabolic products and toxins from the body. Consequently, it makes stronger the immune system and increases the energy level in the body. Aloe Vera with honey helps to balance the functions of the endocrine glands, that is good for the skin. Has anti-inflammatory, soothing and healing action. Supports healthy joints and muscle activity.

Aloe vera and honey contains pure aloe vera, 9% – natural flower honey and vitamin C.  This mix has a nice spicy flavor and is ideal for the whole family. It is very good to take inside Aloe Vera with honey  with external use of cream “Aloe Vera with Propolis”.

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It is important to understand that Aloe Vera is not a magic pill, and not a panacea. It should be allowed to Aloe Vera work in your body for at least three to six months with keeping the principles of proper diet.

30 – 60 ml of Aloe Vera with honey in the morning is useful to everyone. And it guarantees to improve your health and well-being. Try it yourself and see!

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Aloe vera honey

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