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Here we tell you how you can use bee decor in making crafts and gifts and sweets.

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Materials for the craft “Bee hive”:

  1.             carton paletta of eggs
  2.             oblong white beads
  3.             oval  yellow beads
  4.             round brown beads
  5.             diluted glue
  6.             toilet paper
  7.             yellow and brown gouache
  8.             black marker
  9.             Velvet wire
  10.             White transparent paper

The method:

Strung yellow beads  – bodies of bees and brown beads – heads on the  wire. Cut the wire with tongs and fire velvet with match. Paint black stripes on the body with marker. Cut wings from paper and glue them to the body. Make 20-25 bees. One bee – the Queen must be much more than a bee-workers. Glue pieces of paper kitchen towels to the palette.  When all is dry, paint it with yellow gouache. Do not wait for drying, take a brush and make strokes with brown gouache. Attach white beads (egg-larvae) with hot glue inside the cells. Stick bees with hot glue.

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It can bee a good gift for fans of bees and beekeepers. You can attach some money and make a birthday present.

Bee decor sweet

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Do you want to delight your guests? Make this sweet! The best place for it – a tray with cheeses and sausages. It can be used as table decoration for breakfast.
To prepare “the hive” you need: butter, almonds, olives, juniper berries, chocolate, pastry bag, thin slivers of toasted almonds.
1. Roll the stack of softened butter into a cone and make grooves with a fork.
2. Cut the almonds in half (for the body of bees).  Make strips with melted chocolate on each half.
3. Attach each bee to “the hive”, gently pushing it into the butter.
4. Plug the thin slivers of almonds as wings. Take antennas from cut strips of black olives, a head – of juniper berries. Hive is ready!

Here you can find many foods with honey!

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Bee decor

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