Bee hive frames – DIY

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Beekeeper often have to make a new frames for the bee hives. The process is simple. In addition to the prepared dry strips and thin wire you need shoe nails, a hammer, an awl and pliers with wire cutters.

In this article, as bee consultants, we will describe the process of making hive frame with external dimensions of 435 x 300 mm (17.1*11.8”), which are typical for a 12-framework Dadan hives and hive-loungers . Framework for other hives are made in the likeness. For the beginning  you should saw planks: down plank – 415 mm (16.3”), upper – 470 mm (18.5”), sides – 290 mm (11.4”).

Then you make frames from these parts with small nails or screws, as shown:

Once the frame is knocked you need make holes  for the wire with an awl or a small drill in the lateral edges of the frame. Pre-made template will help you to observe the symmetry:

If some of the planned points lie in the middle of the width of the slats, the puncture should be shifted to the right place. One of the edges of the top and bottom is pierced twice, then it will need to secure the wire: 

Now you can start stringing wire. You can use a steel bolt upright, bought in beekeeping store, you can use any clamping mechanism, then work with it will be more convenient. Pass the end of the wire through the top or bottom hole on the opposite side of the frame.

Next, stretch the wire like a snake through the remaining holes at the same time try to avoid it tipping over:

Selling wire through the last hole, throw a loop and tighten it as shown in the picture:

After one end is fixed, bleed the excess wire back into the coil and gently pressing the frame, begin to chase wave to the other end, pulling the frame. In this case, do not bend the fins.

Thread the end of the wire into the lock, and using an awl with pliers make the final stretch. Tighten the lock wire, as shown above, the excess can be a bit off.

Everything is ready for the hive frame, it can be waxing

Body’s frames procedure differs only by half the number of holes. That’s how it is turned out quite useful framework DIY, have success in your work!

You can buy a set of ready plastic frames on the sample. But it is always more pleasant to make it with your own hands. Your bees will feel it)))

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Bee hive frames – DIY

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