Bee keeping equipment

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Beekeeping – a highly profitable branch of agriculture. Beekeepers may well earn decently and get enormous pleasure from it. It should be noted that the beekeeper is constantly on the nature than improve their physical and mental health. And bee products contribute significantly to improving the health and thus longevity.

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Indeed, not many agricultural workers can boast such a ratio of pay to perform labor. It allows beekeepers to not to take the money in credit at all, or you can make out a loan on favorable terms. What you may need for credit as a beekeeper? Most often, the purchase of new hive bee colonies, as well as transport. All other professional equipment beekeeper can make himself. Although there are situations that sometimes even professional sewing clothes need the credit.

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Special costumes of beekeeper primarily must protect him against stings of bees. Some gray-haired beekeepers say, “Why do I need special clothes and a mask? It’s hot in them in the summer, and it is uncomfortable to work. I love bees, and they love me.” Unfortunately, not all beekeepers have reached a level of understanding with their bees and they need special clothing as well as, for example, steelworkers.

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Costumes of beekeeper are usually very loose. It is sewed of thick cotton or hemp fabric. The second is preferable. On the one hand, it protects from biting the other – clothes made of natural fabric perfectly “breathe” in the heat. Pants tucked into shoes, and the sleeves – a special glove. Wear a mask on the head with a safety net. In that suit, beekeeper becomes like already mentioned steelworker, or even nuclear engineer. But he is protected from bee stings. Some experienced beekeepers even joke about the costumes, “The bee sees a miracle and tries to bite.”

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The main function of rubber boots is to protect your feet from moisture, water, dirt, sand, etc.

Today, rubber boots are beginning  to win sympathy again because are modernized, become much easier, more comfortable and more beautiful. In rainy weather, these boots, the color of which can be matched to a favorite accessory, are indispensable.

In beekeeping there are sometimes moving nomad houses, which contain all the usual equipment of beekeeper. The list of equipment includes equipment such as beehives, a special knife, water bottle, solar extractors, containers for honey, a cot with a mattress and “bedding”, stove fuel, matches or a lighter, smoker, a saw, a hammer, pliers, sprayer. Boots with a raincoat also will be included as well as the required documentation, work clothes and a pharmacy with the necessary medicines.

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Bee keeping equipment

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