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Books on driving bees tell us that  keeping the bees, in the presence of a large apiary, – the constant daily work. But apiarists who make natural beekeeping tell us that they do nothing, but only once a year, take honey. And it is really. Principles of natural beekeeping – a tale for the bees! Oh, and for the person too.

A brief lesson of natural beekeeping is: do not interfere with the bees life, let them live as they do in nature.

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Trust the bees, namely:

– Do not feed the bees with sugar;

– Swarm bees by reproducing only;

– Keep local breed;

– Swing honey only once a year – in late fall, and only the surplus (ie, the maximum demand of honey – to the bees);

– Do not break, do not rebuild the hive of bees;

– Hive should not have more width at the top, to be stationary, and naturally warm, as the winter will not retract;

– In the hive a high frame should be  (450 mm min) (17.7”);

–  bees have the opportunity to fight disease for themselves;

– Do not interfere in the life of bees unnecessarily.

These principles have emerged from the analysis of the life of bees in the natural environment. Now a little more detail on each item:

1. Sugar is bad for bees, as sugar molecules are not digested by the bees (do not remember exactly, but it’s fructose in honey, but white sugar – sucrose). Because of this, the bees get sick and even worse winter.

2. This leads to cleanse the gene pool of bees, and the hive too.

3. Every hive is “sharpened” under climate, under honey harvest,  a set of flowers, external enemies, and so on and so on.

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4. Taking honey in the honey-flow you make bees angry. Angry bees make the “wrong” Honey, it is said by Winnie-the-Pooh. Angry bees really want to fly away from this accursed place (hive), for the bees by nature do not like to get angry. And they begin to swarm. (In the beekeeping industry it is the main evil when working with the bees.) Generally in this approach – Bees are more important than man, it may be that, for example, in a year you will not get honey at all (because all for the bees).

5. Changing housing, throwing “leaky” cell, destroying the nest you make bees angry (see section 4). And make them to build a new rather than carry honey. And make them to collect the honey (the case of the store), instead of them to rest, become kinder and multiply. In nature, the hollow is always one and indivisible.

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6.7. In nature, bees live in hollow trees. These hollow trees are characterized by the fact that they do not move from place to place. On top of the hollow there is usually a piece of wood – that is, “Head” of the hollow. It is warm, hollow generally elongated top-down (a lot of vertical space), wood (and if it is also a living tree) in the winter does not freeze inside. But such a high frame allows the bees to winter with no problems on their own (for “club” of bees moving from bottom to top during the winter, eating stored for the winter honey).

8. Only poor families, which then could have weak offspring die and suffer…  Allow nature to conduct natural selection itself, and we will have only the strong bees!

9. Over millions of years wild bees have always lived on their own, without the man. Ie evolution of bees simply does not provide the “work” with the man. Bees are absolutely independent, and it is believed that the family as a whole has the intelligence. So – the less noticeable you interfere in their lives – the better for them. Otherwise, see section 4.

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Beekeeping lessons

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