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 “The black cumin is a cure for all diseases except death” (Bukhari, Muslim).

In the East, the healing properties of black cumin seed oil have been used for over 3000 years.

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Common names of black seed:

Black cumin, Nigella, black coriander. In different languages it is known as “black seed”, “black cumin” (English), nielle (French, German.) Melansion (Greek), shoniz, Siah dana (in Persian), ketchaz, ketyach (hebru) kalaundzhi (Hindi, Urdu), Krishi dzhirak (sans), kalidzhra (beng.) kalaondzhi Giro (gudzhratn) niladzhirakira (tel.), kalidzhira (Mar.), Karahunj rigam (Tamil), Karuna Chirag (mal.) “Black karavey seed”, “habbatul – baracka” (blessed seed) and “habbul – sauda” shoniz (Arabic) and the botanical. name is “Nigella Sativa». It is grown in many countries, including Saudi Arabia and India.

The chemical composition of black cumin:

Black seed oil contains more than 100 components, some of which are still unexplored. The seed contains the following fatty acids: Myristic (0.5%), Palmitic (13.7%), Palmitoleic (0.1%), Stearic (2.6%), Oleic (23.7%), Linoleic [Omega – 6] (57.9%), Linoleic [Omega – 3] (0.2%), Arachidic (1.3%) – and the following nutrients: protein, calcium, iron, copper, zinc, phosphorus, thiamin, riboflavin, pyridoxine, niacin, folacin.

Hadith of the Prophet:

Since 1959, there were conducted more than 200 studies in international universities, stunning results of which were published in articles and reports by various media. This confirmed the importance of black cumin, which was mentioned more than 1,400 years ago.

Here are some of the hadiths of the Prophet about the good and wonderful properties of black cumin:

1. “The black cumin is a cure for all diseases except death.” (Ahmad). 2. “Black cumin is the cure for all diseases, except for “Sami” (death).”(Bukhari, Muslim, Ibn Majah and Ahmad). 3. Khalid bin Saad: “Once I arrived in Medina with Ghalib bin al-Jabari. On the way Ghalib became ill. From the words of Aisha the Prophet Muhammad said: “The black cumin heals all illnesses” We pounded black seed into a powder, mixed with olive oil and dripped the mixture into both nostrils of Ghalib. And he got better”. (Bukhari, Muslim ;). 4. “Eat black cumin because it contains the cure for all diseases except for “Sami”.

Then someone asked: “What is” Sami”? The Prophet said: “death”. (Ahmad, Ibn Majah, Tirmidhi ;). 

Exploring these hadiths, scientists came to a surprising conclusion: it turns out, black cumin effects the thymus gland, stimulating it. It is known that the thymus is responsible for the body’s defenses.With the use of black seed,  the number of T – lymphocytes, T – killers and other cells responsible for healing from illness and strengthening of the body’s defenses increased several times in the blood.

Such experiments have been made often, all of them confirmed that black seed increases the body’s defenses and the properties of black cumin are the cure for many diseases. In the U.S., pharmacological companies have even created a special laboratory where, based on black cumin, scientists create new drugs. As for the cure for all diseases, science has proved that through the regulation and the effect on the thymus and strengthening the body’s defenses you can cure any disease. Scientific studies have shown that black seed strengthens the immune system and are therefore is a “panacea” because the resistance of immunity is a necessary condition to get rid of any disease, whatever nature it may be.

Black seed is a plant of the Prophet Muhammad, as it takes a special, unique place in the medicine of the Prophet Muhammad, mentioned as a “cure for all diseases“. It is important to note that before the Prophet nobody gave  such great importance to the black seed, and that the prophet did caraway popular and mentioned it in many hadiths and emphasized the wonderful properties of black cumin, giving very detailed recipes and methods of its use for specific diseases. In 1989, the Pakistan Medical Journal published an article about the phenomenal properties of black seed oil. And in 1992, the medical department of the University of Dahe (Bangladesh) made a research of antibacterial properties of black seed oil in comparison with strong antibiotics: ampicillin, tetracycline, gentamicin and nalididixic acid. Indisputable facts are delighted – black seed oil has shown to be a more effective tool.

Some areas of medicine that use black cumin and black cumin oil:

1. The use of ground black cumin seeds, mixed with honey, helps to dissolve gallstones and kidney stones. 
2. Black seed increases efficiency and vitality. 
3. The use of black seed oil helps to destroy the gastric and intestinal worms (helminths). 
4.  Compress of cooked black cumin, superimposed on the head is good when you have colds and rheumatism.

5. When you have sputum, you should use black cumin, mixed with lemon juice (you can add a little honey or sugar to taste.)

6. Smoke of black cumin deters mosquitoes and other insects. 
7. It is also recommended to put the black seed on the appearing moles, it helps to prevent their development and helps to cleanse the skin. 
8. Even with leprosy it is recommended the imposition of a paste of black cumin mixed with vinegar. 
9. In poor condition of the skin you should take regularly the black cumin oil. 
10. The use of black seed oil stimulates the generation of an marrow and vital immune system cells, a fact is officially confirmed by a research of scientists  Cancer-immunobiological Laboratory of Southern California. 
11. Moreover, they suggest that black seed is an ideal candidate for use in the treatment and prevention of cancer. 
12. The use of black cumin reduces the level of sugar in the blood, and thus once again confirms the fact that this blessed herb is an excellent remedy against many diseases, including diabetes. 
13. When you have cancer it is recommended every morning on an empty stomach before dawn to drink the  juice of one medium onion, continue it for a month. Claim that this method can cure cancer! 
14. A throat cancer is also can be cured with daily and constantly drinking of black seed oil with honey. 
15. It is used for diarrhea as a fixing agent, as well as when there are difficulties associated with urination. 
16. Cumin oil – a good antidote for snake bites. 
17. It has a beneficial effect on the lymph nodes, helping to reduce them. 
18.It restores hair and also is used against graying. 
19. If you soak cumin seeds for an hour in the breast milk and then give a sniff to the Hepatitis patient, you can get a good therapeutic effect due to the fact that this opens ducts of the liver and gall bladder.

20. To improve vision you should sniff powdered cumin, mixed with butter of toffee. 
21. Vinegar dressings are used in the treatment of skin diseases, purulent scabies, leprosy. 
22. It can cure long-standing, solid tumors. 
23. Lubricating anus with oil of cumin, you can get rid of the worms.

24. Soaked overnight in vinegar and then milled cumin, you should sniff when you have chronic headaches and facial paralysis. 
25. It is one of the most reliable agents in the treatment of blockage of blood vessels. 
26. Mixed with honey, it is used in the treatment of kidney stones and bladder stones. 

27. Nose drops for colds are prepared as follows: roasted, chopped black cumin is mixed with a little butter and you drip 3-4 drops in each nostril.

28. As a hot compress cumin is used in bandages to put on the forehead.

 29. It also has sedative properties, has beneficial effects on the nervous system. 
30. Improves circulation and skin color (in this case it should be taken in the morning). 
31. Cumin oil has a strong impact in the treatment of vascular diseases, in particular sclerosis brain. 
32. It breaks up the stones in the kidneys and bladder. 
33. Contributes to the secretion of breast milk. 
34. Helps to eliminate worms. 
35. By grinding, it helps to remove warts. 
36. Cures the common cold, cough, shortness of breath, jaundice, impotence. The oil also has many other features.

General recommendations for black seed oil and black cumin

Due to the fact that the use of black seed is not only very useful (for general strengthening of the body and for the cure of many diseases), but it is very, very important Sunnah of Messenger of Allah, it is recommended the daily consumption of one teaspoon of this oil or black seed. The oil can be mixed with orange juice or yogurt (halal) to improve the taste. Also we should not forget the importance of external use of black cumin (compresses, rubbing, etc.).

A teaspoon of black seed oil put in a half a glass of water and add a tablespoon of honey, and mix it and take 15 minutes before breakfast and dinner. For children, use half the dose, recommended above. During  the use a chronic disease may increase. This is a normal reaction of the body, as black cumin is immune stimulant and strengthening of the immune system begins to counteract the disease, which were not treated to the end…

For general strengthening of the body it is recommended to drink after eating a teaspoon of black seed oil (daily dose which should not be exceeded). Many people ask the question, “What is more effective  – seed or oil”? The answer to this question is: “Both are effective, but oil is more concentrated“. But still, many people prefer to take black seed (due to the high cost of oil, etc.). When buying black cumin seed oil, make sure that the label is marked as 100%, cold-pressed, solvent free, and that it has the factory packaging.

Recipes for the use of black seed oil and black cumin:

Black seed honey - black cumin seed oil (2)

1. Asthma, cough, inflammation of the lungs:
1. In the morning and evening  – 1 teaspoon 
2. Rubbing the affected part 
3. Massage the chest and back with black seed oil 
4. Inhalation (1 tablespoon and 1 gallon of water) 
5. Rub the chest with black seed oil diluted with olive oil (1:5 ratio) 
6. Recommended to inhale the smoke of the black seed oil, as well as one-fourth teaspoon you can keep under the tongue.

2. Diarrhea: Mix one tablespoon of black seed oil with a cup of yogurt. Drink the mixture twice a day for three days.

3. Headaches: 1. Take one tablespoon of black seed oil and rub the affected part and the front part of the head (not eating sweets, chocolate, etc.). Recipe 1: Mix 1 tablespoon of ground black cumin, one tablespoon of ground anise seeds and one tablespoon of ground cloves. Take one teaspoon before meals. Keep the mixture in your mouth for as long as it will not be easy to swallow and you can swallow. Do not use with water! Recipe 2: Take a half a teaspoon of black seed oil 2-3 times a day.

4. Rheumatism (muscle pain): 1. Eat five cloves of garlic on an empty stomach. 2.An hour later, drink a glass of brew of cinnamon by adding five drops of oil of black cumin. 3. Heat a small amount of black seed mixed with olive oil and rub the affected area intensely. 4. Just before bedtime drink boiled black seed mixed with honey.

5. Skin diseases: 1. Mix a small batch of black seed oil with an equal portion of rose water and two pieces of brown flour. Rub the sore (lesion) place with a cloth soaked in vinegar, then quickly put the mixture on the skin and try to be in the sun. 2. Inside – take one teaspoon of black seed oil 2-3 times a day. 3. Mix one teaspoon of black seed oil with one tablespoon of olive oil.  Rub the mixture into the face and leave for one hour. Then rinse with warm water and soap.

6. Vertigo:
1. Add one teaspoon of black seed oil in the tea and drink. 
2. Just rub the cheeks and under the back of the neck. Take a spoon inside a day, rubbing temples and neck. Black seed oil is instilled into the ear in case of infection.

7. Ear disease. Dizziness. You should drop into the ear one drop of black seed oil – it cleans the ear and relieves the pain.

8. At birth: one of the best remedies for the relief of pain during labor: to drink warm black seed with honey.

9. At the heart burning sensation: Add a few drops of black seed oil and one teaspoon of honey in a cup of hot milk. Drink hot. It is recommended to use a lot of salad.

10. High blood pressure:
1. Add one teaspoon of ground black cumin seeds in a hot drink and take it with two cloves of garlic every day before breakfast. 
2. Mix the black seed with a hot drink (tea or other) and rub the body with black seed oil.

11. Chest pain and cold: In boiling water add one tablespoon of black cumin and inhale the steam. Cover your head before bedtime.

12. Pain in the eye: 1. Drip in the morning and at night before going to bed and after take a table spoon of it with honey inside. 2. Rub black seed oil around the eyes before going to sleep and drink a hot drink, mixed with a few drops of oil of black cumin.

13. Gastric ulcer: 1. One teaspoon is mixed with a solution of flaxseed (linseed tablespoon per cup of water), boil two minutes, then keep for some time, use in the morning and evening. Drink one glass daily (not recommended to consume sweets and citrus fruits). 2. Mix ten drops of black seed oil with a cup of honey, the mixture is taken on an empty stomach, one teaspoon. Then drink a glass of milk. Continue without interruption for two months.

14. Cancer: 1. Apply black seed oil to the affected area. 2. Mix one teaspoon of black seed oil with a glass of freshly squeezed carrot juice. Take three times a day for three months.

15. Sloth: Mix ten drops of black seed oil with a glass of orange juice and take a drink for ten days immediately after waking up. 

16. To improve memory: 1. Add seven drops of black seed oil in the broth of honey and mint. Drink hot on empty stomach once a day. 2. Bring to a boil mint and mix it with honey and add seven drops of oil of black cumin. Hot drink at any time. It is necessary to stop the use of coffee and tea.

17. Diabetes:
1. Grind one cup of cumin, one cup of watercress flower, half a cup of pomegranate peel. All this is well mixed and you can take one tablespoon on an empty stomach. (Store in a cool place.) 
2. Mix one cup of black seed, one cup of watercress seeds, a half cup of pomegranate peel, grind it all into a powder. Take for one month before breakfast, one teaspoon of this powder with one teaspoon of black seed oil.

18. Ear pain: For three days, soak one clove of fresh garlic in an ounce of oil of black cumin. Instill a few drops of the mixture directly into the ear and rub the oil around the ear.

19. Ey