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Bee craft projects with toilet paper rolls

Bee craft projects with toilet paper rolls

It’s time to write a separate article about bee craft projects with toilet paper rolls, because we had already published a lot of bee crafts.

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Bee symbol

Bee symbol - symbolism of bees (6)

Bees are the true fount of very positive symbolism. Bee represents such fine moral qualities like hard work, diligence, wisdom, spirituality, humility, modesty, humility, communication, physical and spiritual cleanliness. Little proud bee is a symbol of courage, dignity and dedication, …

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Honey bee crafts – ideas

honey bee crafts

I love bees and all that is connected with them, want to have an apiary and feed all the family the delicious honey! Recently my children and wife decided to make a little surprise and make honey bee crafts:

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Craft bees

Craft bees (1)

Here we want to share some bees crafts. And the first one:

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Yarn bee – DIY

Yarn bee - DIY (1)

Here we show some examples of the yarn bee DIY.

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Bee orchid

Bee orchid (1)

Ophrys is the most important and interesting group of terrestrial orchids. The species of this genus is unique: you cannot meet anywhere else such unusual and bizarre flowers and so subtle ways to attract insect pollinators. From an evolutionary point of view the …

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Bumble bees pictures

Bumble bees pictures (27)

Bumblebees – are important pollinators of flowering plants. For example: the imported to New Zealand clover did not give seeds, until people have specifically brought there the main pollinators – bumble bees. Most pollinators cannot reach the nectar and pollen …

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Bee decor

Bee decor (2)

Here we tell you how you can use bee decor in making crafts and gifts and sweets.

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Honey bee craft for kids – doll

Queen bee costume - bee costume ideas (7)

Here we show you some more honey bee crafts for kids, we make Tilda bee doll DIY.

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Queen bee costume – ideas

Queen bee costume - bee costume ideas (1)

Here we show you some interesting ideas of bee costume DIY. How to tie New Year’s costume of bee Carefully made with your own hands fancy dress always looks original and more comfortable than the most expensive factory model. To create …

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