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Bee sting remedies

Bee stinger - bee sting remedies (3)

We decided to share with you some folk remedies to treat bee stings. Of course there is a lot of recipes, and one formula can not help everybody, so look for your medicine as soon as possible.

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Bee stings swelling

Bee stings swelling (3)

How to relieve the swelling after bee stings

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Bee sting allergy – reactions

Bee sting allergy - bee sting reactions (1)

Some people, suffered an allergic reaction to a bee sting, wasp or other stinging insects in childhood, may suffer a similar allergy for life. Contrary to popular belief, some children do not get rid of allergic reactions to insect bites. …

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Bumble bee sting

Bumble bee sting (1)

Sting of the Bumblebee Bumblebees can sting, at least the queen and the workers, and their sting is not barbed like bee sting. So they can sting more than once.

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African bees

African bees

American bee journal have articles about research of African bees. For example, in 1989, it was reported that African bees do not form a club of winter, so their distribution is limited by areas of warm tropical climate. However, later …

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Bee sting cream

Bee sting cream - treating bee stings (1)

Here we tell you some recipes of home-made creams for the treating bee stings. Cream for those who has strong reaction to the bites Take 1 tsp. of ammonia, 1 tsp. of citric acid, 400 grams of vinegar or vodka, stir, pour …

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Honey bee venom

Honey bee venom - bee venom cream (2)

Honey bee venom is a product of secretory activity in the body of the bee. Everyone knows that honey bees (worker bees and the queen) sometimes sting and their sting is very painful. A bee sticks its stinger into the skin. Then it flies …

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What to put on a bee sting

Bee sting symptoms - what to put on a bee sting (2)

Bee stings do not normally present any particular risk – the pain and redness will soon pass. However, for people who are allergic to bee venom, bees, wasps, bumble bees and hornets can be a real threat.

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Honey bees for kids

Honey bees for kids - honey bee games for kids - bee stings children (15)

Bee stings for children do not only cause pain, but they can bring benefit. Adults and children are afraid of bees as a fire, completely unaware that bee stings can be used for “peaceful purposes“. When the bite is dangerous An …

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Boring bees – do carpenter sting

Boring bees - do carpenter bees sting (1)

According to scientists, the first insects of the Hymenoptera were found in the sediments of the Jurassic period, so they live on the planet for 150 million years. As for the bees, they appeared about 50 – 80 million years ago. Their …

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