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Bee facts

Bee facts (1)

Here are some more interesting bee facts: – 100 g of honey give the human body 320 calories, it’s more than in 100 g of any meat.  – Honey contains 10-21% of water  – To collect 1kg of honey, bees have …

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Flowers for bees

Flowers for bees (2)

Characteristics of pollination of different crops Buckwheat. Buckwheat have flowers for bees of open type. They secrete abundant nectar, have a strong smell and attract bees to visit the flowers of buckwheat in the morning and collect nectar and pollen. Attendance of buckwheat …

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Best plants for bees

Ligularia sibirica

This group includes plants that do not grow or are rarely found in the nature, but they are the best honey plants and sown specifically for honey collection. So if you do not know what to plant for honey bees …

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Live bees

Live bees (3)

LIVE BEES! Such a designation is not written at the entrance to the apiary and is not intended for beekeepers. These cautionary words can be seen on the packages of bees, which are sent in the mail cars, boats and aircrafts.

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Ground bees

Ground bees (3)

In nature there are different bees, honey bees have brothers and sisters who live in the ground, the so-called ground bees. They all feed nectar and pollen. Many think that bumble bees are enemies of bees, but it is quite wrong, bumblebees …

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Bee garden

Bee garden (1)

Garden and the bees… These two concepts are merged together from ancient time. It is no accident the people say “no garden without apiary and no fruit without bees”. No less true is another saying: “The garden without bees is like a house …

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Beekeeping in India

Beekeeping in India (3)

India (1.2 billion people, the territory is 3.2 million sq. km.) is a major producer and exporter of honey. They produce 85,000 tons of honey, “organized” market gets about 50,000 tons.

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Bees in Thailand

Bees in Thailand (16)

Today we visited a bee farm in Thailand, Chiang Mai and would like to share our impressions and discoveries. We hardly found this place, asking Google at first and then Thai people on the road. Bee farm is quite small.

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Bee trap

Bee trap (1)

If you want to start beekeeping, you first need to get the bees. This can be done in two ways. First, you can simply buy bees. Packages of bees can be purchased in any special bees shop or many other similar …

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Bee sting remedies

Bee stinger - bee sting remedies (3)

We decided to share with you some folk remedies to treat bee stings. Of course there is a lot of recipes, and one formula can not help everybody, so look for your medicine as soon as possible.

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