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Benefits of honey and cinnamon

Benefits of honey and cinnamon - honey and cinnamon cures (3)

Yes, the question is – which part of a woman’s body is the most attractive for men? No breasts! And not legs, no eyes. Almost all the men like a thin girlish waist, causing a natural desire to protect and …

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Foods made with honey – recipes

Foods made with honey

Foods, desserts made with honey Cheese dessert with honey Ingredients : 120 g of honey, 500 g of apples, 50 g of walnuts, a little of cinnamon, zest and juice of half a lemon, 200 g of cottage cheese. Preparation …

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Honey health properties

Honey health properties - honey and health effects (1)

Honey is very good for health. Honey normalizes many internal organs, improves blood, enhances immunity, is a powerful source of energy, protects the body from premature aging. Honey has useful properties because it is natural and has complex chemical composition. The main …

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Honey soap recipe

Honey soap recipe - natural soap recipes (1)

Honey was used from ancient times as medicine. Ancient manuscripts contain many recipes with honey. Currently, therapeutic properties of honey were studied and honey is one of the most actives natural medicines. Honey softens the skin well, improves skin tone, removes dryness and …

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Honey food recipes

Honey food recipes - healthy natural recipes (2)

Honey – is perhaps the most ancient natural sweetener, which is known to man. Moreover, honey is an excellent, and most importantly  healthy substitute for sugar, that has incredible nutritional value. Today, honey is very popular in cosmetics, food and …

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Buckwheat honey – benefits

Buckwheat honey - buckwheat honey benefits (3)

Even from the ancient times humanity knew about the healing properties of honey and the beekeepers were considered real magicians. Honey was added to the variety of dishes and drinks, healing potions, and was used to keep food fresh longer.

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Сreamed honey recipe

Сreamed honey recipe (2)

Honey is the most famous and most important of bee products. It is characterized by its specific physical, chemical, taste and medicinal properties. It is these properties are often the cause of difficulties. In the case of using of fresh liquid honey …

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Whipped honey butter – oil for hair

Whipped honey butter1

Honey oil First we tell you about honey oil and then we tell a recipe of making of whipped honey butter. Honey oil is a high consistency substance, which is made by way of extraction from the honeycomb. Best solvent for …

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Honey glazed turkey

Honey glazed turkey (1)

Glazed turkey breast Time of cooking – 1 h 25 m Appetizing breast with spicy glazed crust.

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Honey – remedy for sore throat

Remedy for sore throat honey (1)

Here we tell you a little about honey as a remedy for the treatment of sore throat. First recipe is: Take 1 cup (200 g) of viburnum (can be frozen), pour 1 liter of boiling water and simmer on low …

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