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Benefits of honey and cinnamon

Benefits of honey and cinnamon - honey and cinnamon cures (3)

Yes, the question is – which part of a woman’s body is the most attractive for men? No breasts! And not legs, no eyes. Almost all the men like a thin girlish waist, causing a natural desire to protect and …

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Honey for health reasons

Honey for health reasons - honey properties (1)

  Honey is known and respected around the world. Moreover, it is used not only as a food supplement – also in medicine and cosmetics. What makes honey so popular? First of all, its ease of use – honey for …

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Honey for health and beauty

Honey for health and beauty - honey and health benefits (3)

Honey – is a sweet product produced by honey bees from the nectar, honeydew and sap of plants with enzymes secreted by bees’ salivary glands. Therefore product obtained by feeding the bees with sugar or sugar syrup is not honey.  You should …

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Meadowfoam honey

Meadowfoam honey (1)

Meadowfoam honey is often called after the place of collection: forest, prairie, meadow, mountain. Meadow, or the so-called modular hone is made from the nectar of various meadow flowers (dandelion, broom, thyme, clover, alfalfa, etc.). Meadow honey is golden-yellow, sometimes yellow-brown …

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Manuka honey bandages

Manuka honey bandages (1)

Historical treaties have told us about medical aspects of honey, and describe the benefits of its use inside or externally for more than four millennia. The antimicrobial properties of honey have been documented in 1894, and about 50 years later American …

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Manuka honey against stomach ulcer

manuka helicobacter

What is an ulcer? Peptic ulcer is characterized by pain in the lining of the stomach or duodenum. Ulcer, found in the mucous membrane of the stomach is called gastric ulcer. Ulcer in the lining of the duodenum is called …

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Honey for healing – apitherapy

Honey for healing - apitherapy honey (1)

Apitherapy (from Lat. apis – bee) – is the general name of methods of treatment of various human diseases with the use of live bees and bee products. The main products used in apitherapy for healing are honey, pollen, propolis, royal jelly, …

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Local honey for hayfever

Local honey hayfever - natural remedies for hay fever (2)

People, suffering from hay fever, usually claim that it it is one of the worst diseases. During the blooming of some herbs a person has constant runny nose, eye mucus, sometimes fever. Folk medicine  divides hayfever into 3 types: mild, moderate, …

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Honey health properties

Honey health properties - honey and health effects (1)

Honey is very good for health. Honey normalizes many internal organs, improves blood, enhances immunity, is a powerful source of energy, protects the body from premature aging. Honey has useful properties because it is natural and has complex chemical composition. The main …

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Buckwheat honey – benefits

Buckwheat honey - buckwheat honey benefits (3)

Even from the ancient times humanity knew about the healing properties of honey and the beekeepers were considered real magicians. Honey was added to the variety of dishes and drinks, healing potions, and was used to keep food fresh longer.

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