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Bee farming

Framework bee farming as a way to get honey and wax was known in prehistoric times (according to the legend of the ancient Greeks, people acquainted with bee farming from Aristeas, king of Arcadia, son of Apollo). Information about bee farming …

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Honey extraction equipment – Himalaya mountain photos

Here we have interesting photo report from Nepal, Annapurna mountain area in the main Himalayan range, where the locals skillfully extract the honey of wild Himalayan bees every spring. Look at their honey extraction equipment.

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Honey extracting equipment

Here is the little photo story about how to extract honey from the honeycomb with honey extracting equipment.

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Honey processing

Here we tell you how to process the honey. This is the important thing in keeping honey bees. First, what do we need? First – a clean jar. Beekeepers pour honey in such flasks. Clean, dried, washed with soda jar. Next, we need the frames  with honey from …

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Make a honey extractor

In this paper, we describe the simplest extractor device – the one of important honey bee supplies. This question is interesting to many novice beekeepers, especially pensioners. The proposed extractor is very simple in design and made of wood, except for …

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How to collect honey – beekeeping for dummies

Experienced beekeeper knows the value of this honey. To gather a good harvest of fragrant medicinal product, he needs to work diligently throughout the year. Expertise in the field of beekeeping and equipment, careful care of bee colonies – otherwise all efforts …

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Bee remover

Honey bees removal - guide to beekeeping (3)

During the main honey flow beekeepers pump honey on apiaries. For convenience, they construct a temporary work area or just pitch a tent near the apiary. Sometimes, in small apiaries honey pumping occurs after the extensions are removed, the empty cells immediately are put …

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