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Bee facts

Bee facts (1)

Here are some more interesting bee facts: – 100 g of honey give the human body 320 calories, it’s more than in 100 g of any meat.  – Honey contains 10-21% of water  – To collect 1kg of honey, bees have …

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Flowers for bees

Flowers for bees (2)

Characteristics of pollination of different crops Buckwheat. Buckwheat have flowers for bees of open type. They secrete abundant nectar, have a strong smell and attract bees to visit the flowers of buckwheat in the morning and collect nectar and pollen. Attendance of buckwheat …

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Live bees

Live bees (3)

LIVE BEES! Such a designation is not written at the entrance to the apiary and is not intended for beekeepers. These cautionary words can be seen on the packages of bees, which are sent in the mail cars, boats and aircrafts.

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Bee garden

Bee garden (1)

Garden and the bees… These two concepts are merged together from ancient time. It is no accident the people say “no garden without apiary and no fruit without bees”. No less true is another saying: “The garden without bees is like a house …

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Bee trap

Bee trap (1)

If you want to start beekeeping, you first need to get the bees. This can be done in two ways. First, you can simply buy bees. Packages of bees can be purchased in any special bees shop or many other similar …

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Bee swarms

Bee swarms (1)

Swarming is the output of the part of bees with the queen bee from a hive, it is historically determined model of reproduction and resettlement of bee colonies in the wild. The bees always bred by this way. It was important …

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Bee farming

Bee farming (4)

Framework bee farming as a way to get honey and wax was known in prehistoric times (according to the legend of the ancient Greeks, people acquainted with bee farming from Aristeas, king of Arcadia, son of Apollo). Information about bee farming …

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Magic of bees

Magic bee - organic beekeepers (1)

Here we want to tell you about one unusual even magic point of view about the bee from organic beekeepers. Maybe it is strange, but we like it.

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Bee log

hives for bees

Here we make comparative review of existing designs of houses for bees, their advantages and disadvantages. In ancient times, wild bees settled in caves, crevices of rocks and tree holes. Many thousands of years ago people got honey and wax. …

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Bee repellent

bee repellent

Scientists made at the Department of Plant Protection, University of Udine (Italy) an research about the application of certain doses of biologically inherent to bees substances (heptadecyl) in laboratory and field conditions, and they came to the following conclusions: heptadecyl …

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