Dried honey

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Honey powder has creamy-white color, but if, for example, you have the “dry” buckwheat honey, the powder is dark. Eye drops, suppositories, ointments, tablets, oil – and that’s not the whole list of what you can make of it. Dry honey can be put in the tea instead of sugar, and used for the astronauts.

Dried honey - powdered honey

It has antiseptic and antibacterial properties and can be used to treat cuts, wounds and burns. Its antiseptic properties inhibit the growth of certain bacteria and helps keep external wounds clean and free from infection. Dried honey powder can be used in wound healing salves or ointments. Has anti-aging properties. Honey – a stupendous humidifier has the ability to attract and retain moisture, restore the moisture level in the skin without making it oily.Thus, it can be used as a skin softener and anti-aging products. Honey powder can absorb moisture when exposed to air, so if it is dry, simply chop.

Application: can be used for the production of creams, lotions, soaps, scrubs, facials, masks, body wraps, bath teas, milk baths, bath salts and bath bombs.

Aroma : The aroma of honey can be subtle, but it is not always recognizable. We should not expect significant honey sweetness or aromatics. If  a sort of honey is declared, its characteristic flavor should attend (if visible).Different types of honey have different intensities and characters. Standard description applies for remainder of characteristics.

Taste : A thin (if any) honey character, and if a varietal honey is declared, it can have varietal character from subtle to significant (different varieties have different intensities). Residual sweetness is minimum. Sulfury, harsh or yeast fermentation characteristics are not desirable.

Mouthfeel : The taste is usually mild to moderate. Please note that stronger honey will have a fuller taste. Feeling of fullness of the taste should not be accompanied by a noticeable residual sweetness.

General impression : For consistency, and flavor intensity it is like a dry white wine, with a pleasant mixture of subtle honey character, soft fruity esters, and clean, without impurities, alcohol. The most desirable are complexity, harmony and consistency of sensory elements with no inconsistencies in color, aroma, flavor or aftertaste. The right balance of sweetness, acidity, alcohol and honey character is the essential final measure of any honey.

Ingredients : Traditional mead has a character of mixed honey or honey mixture. Varietal meads have the peculiar nature of certain varieties of honey. “Demonstration honeys” (Show meads) do not contain any additives, but the difference is usually not apparent to the judges.

Commercial Examples: White Winter Dry Mead, Sky River Dry Mead

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