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Recently, people have sought to everything natural, since they realized the usefulness of quality products. Interest in honey sharply increased also and its beneficial properties are studied by scientists and ordinary people. Surprisingly they knew, that honey can heal many ailments. The main thing – it is to choose the appropriate species to affect certain organs and systems.

Among the usual abundance the eucalyptus honey is a highlighted bright spot. It was long thought that this honey can appear only in distant Australia, the home of eucalyptus. However, time has made some changes in the usual views – and today Eucalyptus honey is produced in Spain and Israel. Of course, the scale of its production is not high enough, because eucalyptus grows not in every country.

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Eucalyptus honey on market

Eucalyptus honey is considered as quite exotic, but very useful product of beekeeping. True connoisseurs of natural honey are ready to pay for a bottle of fragrant drug a lot. Only the high price does not guarantee high quality purchase, and can be a reflection of the greed of the seller. Just often unscrupulous people try to make money by any means, without thinking about the health of others.
To make profit such dealers forge expensive drugs, the finest food and expensive varieties of honey. As a result, many people are disappointed in the reliability of natural products, including honey, that leads to increased use of artificial products.

How to check eucalyptus honey?
You must know the basic features of the eucalyptus honey. If you are armed with this knowledge, no one can deceive you, and you do buy this product.
First, let’s remember that the eucalyptus honey has unique taste, which is difficult to confuse with something else. There are subtle notes of menthol and flowers that are intertwined with each other in a non-breaking tandem. Of course, after the use of traditional types of honey such combination may sound unpleasant, but it is a matter of taste. Individual fans are ready to go to another country to buy a jar of this natural medicine.

If you are not sure of the quality of the proposed honey, just carefully examine its texture. Honey, gathered recently, is light, transparent and liquid, but it is exposed to crystallization during storage. If the honey harvest season has long passed, and you are given a liquid product, feel free to refuse. Just such a product contains additives that can make it not only useless, but even harmful.

For those who appreciate the quality, we can recommend you go shopping to Spain or Israel, where you can find directly harvested eucalyptus honey. In this case, the risk of receiving low quality products is much lower than in other places. Although, experts say, you can buy a fake, even in these countries. The only way – is to buy honey from reliable friends with whom you are communicating closely. In this case, the reputation is worth more than any money.

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If a person is professionally engaged in beekeeping, he  will offer only a high quality product. This fellow wants to get regular customers who will buy bee products only from him. Because of this, he will be able to earn more money.

With great care you should check honey sold in stores and shopping malls. In such a place the flow of customers rapidly changes, so they can safely offer to sell shoddy products. They can refer to unscrupulous vendors who offered such goods.

A good option is to buy honey on specialized sites that sell bee products. But such resources prefer to work with wholesalers, but it does happen the happy exception. In such cases, the site provides the opportunity for the wholesale and retail purchases. The quality of the goods will be quite high, since negative information spreads quickly in the internet.
Eucalyptus honey in medicine

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Sometimes a person does not like eucalyptus honey, but he insists on buying it. Such preferences have quite understandable motives. There are legends about the healing properties of honey. People believe that exotic honey will help them to win almost all diseases. Some fellow claim that using of this type of honey can cure even cancer.
This honey has properties that eucalyptus leaves have. Many drugs are made from the leaves of eucalyptus to treat diseases of the respiratory system, but honey can be only an aid. Of course, it will help you to quickly defeat the common cold.

If you suffer from any skin rash,  honey masks can help you. To get rid of cellulite you can make honey wraps. Honey can be used as an alternative to high-calorie  and harmful sugar. Also, do not forget about allergies, which some people have on this valuable product.

In general, many varieties of honey are similar, and the differences in their medicinal properties are small. It is better to choose several varieties of honey and a reliable seller – and you can always enjoy the good taste of this healthful medicine.

It is highly valued, as is used in folk medicine for the treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis.

Eucalyptus honey is usually dark in color and has slightly tart taste. Has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. Successfully used in the treatment of bronchial-pulmonary diseases, inflammation of the skin and mouth. It is recommended as a mild vasodilator in cardiovascular diseases.

In order to achieve the greatest effect of eucalyptus honey you need to take small amounts (one teaspoon), trying to keep it in the mouth as long as possible. For the treatment of upper respiratory tract it is recommended to keep the honey in your mouth at least four times a day, so antibacterial agents are rapidly absorbed through the mucous membranes of the mouth and throat. The result will be a significant reduction in the number of germs in the mouth and throat for anti age. But honey, quickly swallowed – is just a very useful food.

Eucalyptus essential oil helps in the treatment of respiratory diseases, colds, cough, runny nose. Eucalyptus honey is used as an expectorant in the treatment of colds and inflammation. In addition, eucalyptus honey is known as a good antiseptic for its antibacterial properties.

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