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Fireweed ( Lat. Epilobium ), Cyprus, Ivan-tea, it is usually identified as a separate genus Chamerion .
It is high, sometimes higher than a man, grass. Leaves are entire, opposite or scattered along the stem, so that through them you can not hold the correct helix. Flowers are in the corners of the leaves or make the apical brush form, built on the plan of a quadruple, stamens are 8. Dark pink flowers are quite large and collected in apical long tassels. Lower ovary is tetrahedral, turns into a very long four-sided box,which bursts into 4 leaf from the top, and produces many seeds flying with long hairs. Longhaired small seeds are dispersed by wind over long distances.

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Fireweed has 50 types distributed in all temperate and cold climates, and is very abundant in New Zealand . Grows in water, on damp soil and chop.

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Fireweed honey

Honey – a natural product, which is created by nature itself. Daily use of this valuable product helps to strengthen the immune system, improve the condition of the body.
However, there are many kinds of honey, each of which has its own healing properties. You can always choose your version of honey, which will be suitable for you. True, especially you can pay attention to fireweed honey among the delicious honeys.

How to get fireweed honey?

Fireweed has long been used in folk medicine to combat a variety of diseases. So, it helps with problems with the upper respiratory tract and has antibacterial and antiviral properties. Of course, the bees do not know it, but they still can not get around this valuable plant.
It is a great honey plant. It attracts bees from a distance, beckoning them by its excellent flavor. Bees collect nectar, from which they make excellent, fragrant fireweed honey. Of course, some people do not like fireweed honey because of its specific appearance.

Fireweed honey or fake?

Often medical experts do not consider fireweed honey as a real one. They are trying to convince others that they face a fake, a cheap substitute, which is better not to take. At such times, naively trusting people choose a different type of honey, but the real experts buy fireweed honey.
Fireweed honey is a slightly yellowish or greenish mass that resembles cream by density. It is quickly crystallized, so it can have clots like grains or flakes. During the crystallization the honey gets a lighter shade, that confuse people. They often think that they see artificial honey and start to take offense.
It turns out that people in their quest to buy a quality, real honey often choose a beautiful but useless fake. It has some dyes and other “wonderful” supplements, which provide a nice, uniform mass. True, there is no benefits of such honey, and you can be poisoned, because you can never know what is added to the false honey for the perfect color.
Also, you may have a severe allergic reaction to these products, but fireweed honey rarely causes irritation. Most often, it helps a person to adapt to different foods, increases the body’s resistance to external factors. Of course, such a miracle can make only real fireweed honey that you learn to accurately distinguish from the best fakes.

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Fireweed Honey – Properties and applications

Fireweed honey is used for a long time. Even our ancestors knew that honey has all useful properties, which has a honey plant. Perhaps because of this, any type of honey has been demanded and respected. Scientists are interested in valuable properties of honey recently, but already has some ideas.
Thus, the properties of fireweed honey are still being studied, but it has already started to be used in cosmetics. It is used in scrubs and creams to make the skin soft and silky. In the old recipes of our ancestors we can find a lot of amazing information. For example,  people daubed in the bath with honey, then cleared it away, well washed the body – and plastic surgery was not required. Such opportunities were appreciated, so honey began to enter into the composition of many cosmetic products in order to maintain the beauty by the natural methods.

Even more interesting cases of using it to fight skin diseases. Many people did not believe in it, but studies have confirmed the possibility of such treatment. Fireweed honey helps in the fight against blisters, boils, and other skin problems. Fireweed honey kills pathogens, cleanses the skin – and the disease recedes.
Of course, you can not win any skin disease. If there is an internal reason of your rash, honey will not be able to treat it. Probably because of such features honey treatment is done only after consultation with doctor. You just need to know that fireweed honey – is a useful tool, but not a panacea.
Fireweed honey (properties and application of which are still being discussed) finds its application in the treatment of internal diseases. The spectrum of the impact of this magical product is so broad that some gullible people believe in its real magical power.
Fireweed honey properties are sometimes exaggerated, but it can be used for the treatment of gastrointestinal diseases. You just dissolve one teaspoon of honey in a glass of boiled water, and then drink it on an empty stomach. This tasty medicine will clean the intestines and kill harmful bacteria and significantly reduce the acidity. Thanks to these capabilities, fireweed honey is an excellent complementary treatment for gastritis with high acidity.
Also, doctors recommend taking a teaspoon of honey per day in order to strengthen the immune system and supply the body with vitamins. Only do not abuse this drug. Any useful substance in large doses can be poisonous, so ask experienced friends and doctors before.
Fireweed honey properties are varied, cardiologists and therapists also use it. Honey strengthens the walls of blood vessels, improves heart function, has a positive effect on blood pressure. When a person suffers from insomnia, it is enough to take a little bit of honey before going to bed – and drink warm water. Just do not use hot water, as high temperature harms honey properties. Incidentally, this recipe with honey is suitable for people who have problems with the nervous system.

The simple magic of fireweed honey

Everyone wants to believe in a miracle which can knock in his life. For some, such a miracle is an unexpected meeting, and for you fireweed honey can become a good magician. It easily and naturally gives you health, vigor and vitality. Taking before bedtime this natural product will calm you, relax and give great, restorative sleep. In general, fireweed honey can become a good magician, which will bring peace, comfort and beauty into your life.

Fireweed honey has a green tint, is transparent. Crystallized honey is white, has the form of grains of snow, can resemble a cream or lard. It turns yellow when heated. Its taste is very pleasant.

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Medicinal properties:

Fireweed honey is used in diseases of the respiratory tract inflammatories, as a sedative for insomnia, as well as in the treatment of purulent wounds. The treatment of infected wounds and ulcers fireweed honey is used in the form of ointments. Application of honey to the wound surface has a bactericidal effect, as fireweed honey selectively impacts on many types of pathogenic organisms. In addition, honey enhances blood flow to the wound surface and the flow of lymph, which leads to a rapid clearing of the pus from the wound and promotes its granulation and epithelialization.


Wound and ulcers of the skin and mucous membranes:
1 tablespoon of dried herbs of Cudweed is put in a glass of boiling water, kept for 10-15 minutes in a water bath, then cooled, strained and mixed with 1 tablespoon of honey. Application: composition is used for washing wounds and ulcers .

Peptic ulcer:
1 tablespoon of dried herbs of Cudweed is put in a glass of boiling water, kept for 10-15 minutes in a water bath, then cooled, strained and mixed with 1 tablespoon of honey. Application: inside 1-2 tablespoons for 30 minutes before food.

Non-healing wounds and ulcers:
50 grams of eucalyptus leaves are put in 0.5 liters of boiling water, kept for 10-15 minutes in a water bath, cooled, strained and mixed with 2 tablespoons of fireweed honey. Application: The mixture is used in the form of lotions and baths.

Sore throat:
Mix 1 part of lungwort herb, 1 part of plantain herb, 1 part of sage, 1/2 of the sageикгыр. 1 tablespoon of the mixture is put in 200 ml of boiling water, kept for 2 hours, drained and mixed with 2 tablespoons of fireweed honey. Application: drink 0.5 cups 3 times a day before meals.

Mix 2 tablespoons of butter, 2 raw egg yolks, 1 teaspoon of fireweed honey and 1 teaspoon of chopped licorice root. Application: 1 teaspoon every hour during the day. Drink with broth of hypericum.


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Fireweed honey

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