Granulated honey

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Viscous liquid honey is more convenient for use at the workplace and at home in the form of solid pellets, while preserving all their nutrients, properties, flavor due to a unique new technology. 

Granulated honey may be interesting to anyone who uses honey and honey ingredients in the manufacture and for food. The improved consumer properties of pellets can replace the inconvenient to use because of its high viscosity liquid honey and honey powders and supplements. Breakfast cereals (oatmeal, cereal, muesli), tea, tea drinks, milk and milk products get the flavor of honey and significantly improve its nutritional value with the adding of granulated honey.

The appearance of granulated honey simplifies processes associated with the use of honey (ease of packaging, shipping, minimum waste). Solid granules are easy to pack in any, even the small containers (eg, filter bags) – it is the perfect solution for companies that use honey products. The same solution can be used for medicinal baths, both at home and in various medical and cosmetic facilities. After all, honey is known for its rejuvenating and tonic effect and never before had he been so easy to use. But fresh liquid honey of course is better always.

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To form a pellet they use the crystallization of glucose. Adding it to the liquid media, they learned to make natural dry products: fruit, vegetable, berry juice, puree, syrup, molasses.

The granules can be used into the composition of sugar, tea, dried herbs, herbal extracts, milk, vitamins, mineral compounds, biologically active compounds, flavors, grain products, and other components.


Traditional drying is the removal of water from the product. The most common method – heating and evaporation, but if the temperature exceeds 40 ° C (104 F), vitamins and other nutrients disappear. The composition of the dried product can contain hygroscopic substance such fructose, which absorbs moisture from air, and dry product becomes liquid again. To avoid this, the product is added unhygroscopic ingredients. For example, in honey Powder – there is 50% maltodextrin.


Lyophilization (freeze) drying involves freezing the product – when the ice turns to vapor at high vacuum, the water is instantly removed. This method allows you to remove the water without heating, but flavors, some of the vitamins and enzymes partially disappear.

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Application of honey granules

1. Instead of sugar and honey in the cafes, restaurants, fast-food networks, on at home, as a convenient and useful product. Now, going to work or on vacation, lovers of natural honey can safely take it, without fear of getting their hands dirty and stuff. Put up in small packages granules are suitable for food service in airplanes and trains. Bag of sugar to tea or coffee can be replaced by granules of honey. 

2. Honey granules is a perfect ingredient for cereals and muesli. Manufacturers often use for fast breakfast some tasty supplement. Pieces of fruit, dried fruit. Honey ingredient that is part of many breakfast cereals – nothing like honey powder which is obtained by drying of honey at high temperature that destroys nutrients. Before the advent of honey granules, there was no way to add natural honey in breakfast cereals. Honey granules can decorate the food and fill it with vitamins, trace elements, enzymes, energy for every morning. 

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3. Tea, tea drinks, fruit mixtures, dietary supplements – honey granules give them flavor and properties of natural honey. Honey is not only a natural delicacy, but the product that contains more than 500 valuable components for human life. Honey can treat chronic diseases. Honey in combination with tea gives a unique effective relief revitalization, very positive effect on the cardiovascular system. Easily digested glucose feeds the heart muscle, enhances coronary blood vessels and this improves coronary circulation. Honey granules can be used in the teas, and you can put it with tea and herbs in filter bags. 

4. Confectionery and bakery products (cakes, pies, cookies, candy, etc.) can be used with honey granules as a decorative topping. It gives them aroma and taste of honey. Products with honey are full of force of nature.

 5. Milk and milk products (ice cream, cottage cheese, yogurt, etc.) The harmonious combination of honey and milk gives dairy products excellent taste and nutritional value. Particularly well honey granules are with milk or cream ice cream, turning ordinary ice cream into a very tasty and healthy delicacy.

But we want to repeat that nothing changes the freshly picked liquid natural honey. Be healthy))

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Granulated honey

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