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Here we can tell a little about all bee products:

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Honey – not just a food of bees. Honey – is a universal protection. Its mechanisms are simple but very effective – different combination and interaction of carbohydrates and enzymes:

• carbohydrates defend from cold and hunger  – calorie honey – 400 kcal in 100 g.

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• the weaknesses – carbohydrates, entering the body, continue to transform into each other, releasing energy and cleansing the body of toxins. 
• from germs. When enzyme glucose oxidase expose to carbohydrates of honey, hydrogen peroxide appears. In combination with the sweet smells of melliferous plants it gives the product a powerful antibacterial properties. American bacteriologist Sackett conducted a series of experiments – put  strains of the most dreaded diseases in honey. Causative agents of typhoid fever died within 48 hours, paratyphoid bacteria – in 24 hours, dysentery bacillus – in 10 hours. Similar experiments were performed with the bacterium Helicobacter pylori, which is a major cause of peptic ulcer disease and gastric cancer – and also successfully!

• Best means for health and good spirit. Without the sweets  – life processes are inhibited, the blood ages and thickens, the gray cells of the brain inhibit. Honey – is the right product  to replenish our stocks of carbohydrate – it is safe, easily digestible, in addition, one of the sweetest natural products – 25% sweeter than sugar.

• One of the oldest human reproduction factors. The term “honeymoon” first appeared from the Norwegians and was so named because in the first month the newlywed couple were eating a spoonful every day or drinking mead beverages. In all ages, honey was used as a strong aphrodisiac – to enhance and awaken sensuality.


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Inside the healthy hive there is almost perfect sterility. Important role in maintaining of cleanliness in the  hive belongs to the valuable and unique product of bees – propolis. Due to its antibacterial properties the propolis protects the bees from the surrounding hazards – germs, bacteria, fungi, and even mice and butterflies! Polishing cell combs, designed for future brood, bees prevent the onset of disease. Fragrant and pleasant by the taste, propolis is still a mystery even to the most experienced researchers. The chemical composition of this substance is very complex and depends on the type of plant from which it is collected.  It has about 284 different compounds, but  only 111 of them were identified! It is known that propolis contains resin acids and alcohols, artipillin, phenols, tannins, balms (cinnamic alcohol, cinnamic acid), beeswax, essential oils, flavonoids, amino acids, small amount of vitamin B. According to world beekeeping classification, there are three types of this bee product, also called bee glue – Brazilian, European and propolis of northern Russia. Northern propolis has special qualities – bees collect resins and adhesives from relic trees – pine, birch and poplar, left over from the time of the Great Ice Age. All the benefits of propolis are impossible to list. The most important quality – the ability to purify and regenerate cells, restoring their work to rid the body of free radicals and hyperoxides. Due to these properties, propolis inhibits aging, increasing the capacity of the body and increasing life expectancy. And no coincidence that scientists call propolis the “antioxidant bomb” – studies have shown that regular use of this product does indeed lead to “rejuvenate”!

Royal Jelly

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Well-known fact: the worker bees who fated to eat not only honey, but also bee pollen, live up to 6 times longer than their allotted time.

That is 240 – 270 days – not 40 – 45. But the queen, which feeds exclusively on royal jelly, lives up to 7 – 8 years. It is two and a half – three thousand days. Period of its life – 65 times longer than ordinary bees. It is simply impossible to understand all at once. In terms of human life it would sound something like this: in 6 times (if you eat bee pollen) – 350 – 500 years, and in 65 times (subject to royal jelly) – up to 5000 years .Royal jelly – the secret of the maxillary and pharyngeal glands of worker bees nurses, they emit it in special honeycomb cells (queen cells) that are used for queen bee. This is a very rich nutrient mixture of unique structure – it contains all currently known amino acids, fatty acids, more than 100 different mineral compounds, vitamins. Jelly stimulates growth and development, increases vitality, stimulates metabolism, normalizes the endocrine system. The result – a powerful positive effect on all the body systems! 

Properties of royal jelly:

 • Helps to increase muscle mass -from body fat, if any, and from its own nutrients, if weight of body is simply not enough. 

• It normalizes the blood –  human blood plasma is similar to proteins of royal jelly, so that the body takes it well.

• Normalizes metabolism – and therefore are pleasant changes in the sexual life – stimulates potency, increases activity. Studies have shown that royal jelly – an important factor in prevention of prostate diseases. Very recommended for pregnant and lactating women – promotes normal pregnancy and lactation increase.

• For the same reason normalizes blood pressure, improves sleep, memory and appetite, treats fatigue, increases work capacity. Royal jelly is recognized as a natural food for the prevention of atherosclerosis, during the recovery period after a heart attack and stroke.

• Finally, royal jelly has a great impact on our immune system. A good immunity – is a protection against cancer, and the prevention of mutations, and the preservation of youth, and – protection from all diseases.

Dead bees

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Maximum of dead bees in the apiary is during spring, when it is usually harvested and stored. Used in the treatment is only well-preserved bees – dry and not smelling. Assembled, it is sifted to separate the garbage through a large sieve, and then dried – and then can be stored in a ventilated area long enough without losing its properties. Chitinous cover in the Hymenoptera contains heparin and geparoidy. These substances have a positive effect on the circulatory system of the human body, suppress inflammation, and have local anesthetic properties for healing wounds and burns. Other indications for the use of dead bees – myopia, mastitis, varicose veins, thrombophlebitis, joint pain, prostate adenoma, sexual dysfunction , obesity. It is used for medical purposes in several forms – broth,  steamed, liniment and alcoholic extract. Steamed one: it is steamed in hot water for 15 minutes, it is usually applied to the area of inflammation through cheesecloth. Liniment: it is grounded into powder and mixed with hot olive oil – is rubbed in painful places. Alcoholic extract: take a tablespoon of crushed bees, pour a glass of vodka and steep two weeks – use 15-20 drops after meals for a month or two to stabilize the blood pressure. Decoction is useful for kidney disease (1 tablespoon with a pint of boiling water, bring to a boil and boil on low heat for two hours, filter and take for a month  1 tablespoon twice a day) Also Chitozan  is very useful – it is a substance, extracted from chitin cover of bees. Chitosan has many properties that make it attractive for a wide range: in food, cosmetics, skin care. Its use is very effective because of its film-forming and anti-inflammatory action. Another invaluable feature – the ability to sorption. Bees chitinous cover has a protective function, protecting the internal organs from the penetration of all kinds of pathogens, crustaceans and even mushrooms have such chitin shells! It molecula has a positive charge, while the lipids of the skin –  negative, so it is perfectly held on the surface of the skin, forming a very thin, invisible and imperceptible film that retains moisture.

Advantages of chitosan of bee :

• selectivity – during the use in the food out of the body harmful substances, without affecting beneficial;

• has no damaging effect on the body;

• biologically compatible with any food;

• has a complex natural structures, bioavailable for each cell in the body;

properties of chitosan bee :

• helps to reduce high cholesterol levels in the blood – a risk factor for cardiovascular disease.

• perfect base for weight correction programs;

• reduces the absorption of toxins in the blood and is a means of prevention of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and the risk of developing diabetes.

• improves blood circulation, relieves spasm of blood vessels, especially the smallest capillaries.

• activates the healing of burn wounds and the wounds without scarring

• has hemostatic and analgesic effect

• It is an indispensable tool against beriberi and chronic fatigue


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Wax is able to maintain its quality (plasticity, anti-bacterial properties) for centuries. Pieces of wax were found in the Egyptian pyramids, but they had a nice soft and characteristic odor. People always paid attention to such a versatile material. Its quality to store the products is used in wine-production – wine barrels inside are covered with wax. Ability to instantly harden upon cooling is used in metallurgy – to check forms for cast iron castings, granularity and flexibility – in the optical industry for engraving of glass and preparation of gluing and polishing pastes. Wax found its application in the world of high technology. It is used in the aviation industry for the manufacture of various impregnating and coating compositions, in radio and telephone equipment for a mixture, insulating wires. In addition, the wax is used in the production of various polishing compounds, cosmetics, etc. The ancient Egyptians used wax for mummification, in preference to a more affordable Dead Sea dirt, also known for its antibacterial properties. In the past, beeswax was the currency, it was a benchmark in the exchange of commodities in the international market. Honeycomb – is the skyscraper with tens of thousands of apartments. One family per season can rebuild the nest, in which can live and work together up to 30,000 bees. Wax cells – the perfect storage container of bee products. With its antibacterial properties, honey wax does not wander to maturity, and the pollen is not covered with mold with the high humidity in the nest. In waxy cells the bee products are completely isolated from the influence of the environment due to the fact that the bees seal it with thin wax caps. These caps, cut from the sealed honey combs, beekeepers call zabrus. They differ from conventional wax – sealing honeycomb, bees use a special substance, which includes mixed secrets of wax and salivary glands of bees, propolis and pollen – a whole bunch of bee products. And it is much better absorbed than regular wax. sealed honey never spoils.


Honey bee products - honey bee production

Besides well known bee products, modern medicine begins to discover a number of other, rare, nearly forgotten products.

Zabrus – it is a cut strip of the upper lids of sealed honeycombs. Why it is different from wax? First of all by its composition. When sealing in the honeycomb – the honey is a much more fragrant. Used in the sealing of honeycombs, bee products enhance the therapeutic effect of each other. Studies have shown that zabrus is highly effective in the treatment of bacterial and viral diseases of nasopharynx and upper respiratory tract, it does not cause allergies, chewing of zabrus is useful in many ways: it causes severe salivation, which increases the secretion and gastric motility.

Doctors recommend chewing of zabrus within 5-10 minutes one tablespoon 4 times a day, an overdose and accidental ingestion are not terrible – it is easily digested in the stomach  with the benefit for mucosa of the organ.

Inflammation of one or more of the sinuses usually develops very quickly and requires treatment. It is recommended to chew zabrus for 10-15 minutes every hour for 4-6 hours, throw chewed mass. Usually the nose is cleaned well, the pain stops. Within another week is recommended to chew zabrus to prevent relapse.

Bee pollen

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In spring and summer the bees stock pollen. Pollen – is male plant cells, giving impetus to a new life. It is thanks to the intervention of pollen the juicy berries and fruits mature . The valuable product is intended primarily for newly born bees and bee-nurses. For the first ones – to successfully grow: due to the life-giving fodder a young bee grows  out of the larva for just a few days,  her wings strengthen and straighten out,  working glands are formed,  the venom begins to produce, for the second ones – to receive royal jelly – a unique food product for the queen. And bee-builders need pollen – for wax glands, and drones – for normal sexual maturation and function. And the pollen is the “raw material” for creating nutrient reserve for the long winter – ambrosia. Unlike pollen, bee legs covering practically is not an allergen, because it is additionally enriched with enzymes of bees. Secret of bee pollen – the amazing properties of its enzymes. In 1991 a group of scientists formed the idea of scientific discovery “Properties of DNA-reducing nucleases”. The gist of it is that special enzymes in pollen penetrate the cell nucleus and during the synthesis they restore the damaged DNA chain. As a result, the life of the cells is extended several times.


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Beekeepers call ambrosia a “bee bread” .Although it would be better to call it the bee milk or meat – the pollen exceeds in protein value milk, eggs and even meat! Ambrosia – this is a bee leg-covering, collected in cells in reserve. Unlike fresh pollen, bee bread is more carefully processed by enzymes and mixed with honey. This increases its absorption – in the conversion of one product to another the honey carbohydrates produce lactic acid, which protects ambrosia against damage. It contains proteins, amino acids and a balanced composition of the mixture of carbohydrates (glucose, fructose), plant analogs of sex hormones,  cell growth factors, minerals: calcium, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, vitamin E, carotene, rutin, microelements such as copper, iron, sulfur, zinc, cobalt, gold, titanium and platinum. It has an impact on living organisms, the mechanism of construction of major systems of newly born bees. Weight of larvae in three days increases in fifteen hundred times! No one product in the world has such biological activity. This unique product is never enough – pollen produced by bees in limited quantities. It can not be artificially cultivated or fake, so ambrosia is considered the most rare and exclusive product of the hive.


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People say: “Who is stung, he is in favor“. It is known that most of the long-lived people are related to beekeeping. The secret to longevity lies in the fact that throughout the life they get bee stings. Bee venom – the most powerful catalyst of physiological processes. Even the minimum of its concentration has a significant positive impact on the human body. The bee uses its venom only in self-defense in protecting the hive. Apitoxin – bee venom – is designed to drive away the enemy, not to kill. That is why it is safe and useful for people in controlled doses. Bee sting apparatus is located at the posterior end of the abdomen, and consists of two venom glands, venom reservoir and the sting. Notches are located on the tip – unfortunately, healing the person, the bee dies, leaving the sting in the skin. By reducing the viscosity of the blood and reducing blood clots, bee venom is useful in the prevention of thrombotic complications of various locations (myocardial infarction, ischemic stroke, vascular thrombosis, and limb etc.). Apitoxin reduces the concentration of cholesterol in the blood, lowers blood pressure, prevents the development of arrhythmias, relieves angina, feeling of fatigue, low mood and insomnia. Bee venom tones and reduces the effects of stress on the body, improves sleep. As a result, the man returns to cheerfulness and peace of mind. It is noted the analgesic effect of the venom (50 times stronger than Novocaine), it can be used for various pain syndromes. It adjusts the work of nervous system (lumbago, sciatica, low back pain, cerebral palsy, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, etc.), cures sores and varicose veins, chronic inflammation, sensorineural hearing loss, hyperthyroidism, psoriasis, and atopic dermatitis. Bee venom has absorbing effect and the ability to smooth postoperative and burn scars. Apitherapy is used in asthma, eye diseases, infertility, menopause, menstrual irregularities, impotence. Apitoxin reduces excess weight, has a rejuvenating effect. By increasing the exercise capacity, removing fatigue and decreasing the concentration of lactic acid, a venom is useful to athletes in preparation for competition. Australian scientists from the Cancer Research Center at the Prince of Wales Hospital said that at the tube they can kill cancer cells using synthesized mellitin (component of bee venom).

Extract wax moth

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Large and small wax moth (bee moth) – are inconspicuous gray moths, whose lives depend on the work of the bee family no less than the life of the bees themselves. Like most members of the order of butterflies, wax moth – is a pest. Wax moth – is the only species of insects whose larvae feed exclusively on waste products of bees and have an amazing ability to digest wax. Wax moth is common wherever there is a bee, with the exception of the high mountains and areas with harsh climates. Adult insects never eat, they live only for the nutrients accumulated by larvae. Even the pest can be valuable – and bring many benefits as food!

Many viruses and bacteria have a protective cover, resembling wax by its properties, and it is very resistant to chemical attack. Only the digestive enzymes of wax moth larvae – lipase and tserraza – can break down the wax into simple components. Microorganisms lose their protection – and become “unarmed”. So was defeated the worst enemy of man – tubercle bacillus, the causative agent of tuberculosis. Today it is well known that long-term use of the extract of bee moth in food or as cosmetics has best effect on human tissues and organs, regeneration and restoration, has a rejuvenating effect. Thus there are amazing things – for example, it dissolves cholesterol plaque (cholesterol – a waxy product), strengthens blood vessels and heart muscle. The people have long known about the healing properties of the wax of moth larvae. They ate in the XVII century – especially it was recommended for consumptive patients, the elderly, childless women. However, this knowledge for centuries remained the property of a very small number of people: beekeepers and healers who carefully guarded their recipes, passing by inheritance from parents –  to children.


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Controversy about the origin of the mummy still continues to this day. In one version the mummy – a waste product of wild bees (that’s why we feel the need to publish it on this site). Although it is not confirmed, like other hypotheses. Mummy promotes the healing of bone fractures, ulcers and gastric ulcers and duodenal ulcers, colitis, thrombophlebitis, gastritis, gum disease, radiculitis, neuritis, neuralgia, treats skin diseases, improves the immune system, has antitumor activity. It has no side effects on the human body. It is believed that quality mummy is black, soft and shiny. It has a specific smell.  The mummy structure is complex and not fully understood, and varies depending on the field, contains various chemicals, metal oxides, amino acids, vitamins, essential oils, tar-like substance. To determine the quality of mummy you can crumple it: good – softened, and the poor remains firm.

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