Honey bees for kids

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Bee stings for children do not only cause pain, but they can bring benefit. Adults and children are afraid of bees as a fire, completely unaware that bee stings can be used for “peaceful purposes“.

When the bite is dangerous

An adult and child can get sharp sting. And if an adult, because of the life experience, seeing near striped insect, stand quiet in the hope that it will fly past, the reaction of the child is unequivocal – most children start waving their little hands, trying to ward off a bee. If the child failed to avoid being bitten, do not panic, calm him and as soon as possible you remove the sting (of course, if it is left in the wound from the bite).

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It is recommended to remove it with the calcined disinfected needle or small tweezers. You have to act carefully so as not to squeeze out of the remnants of the sting venom. You have to attach the cold to the place, which reduces the absorption of the poison and quickly relieves the swelling and pain, or make a lotion with a weak solution of potassium permanganate (light pink).  You can give an antihistamine to a child with a predisposition to allergic reactions. Single bee stings are cured usually in 2-3 days. When the child has multiple bites or if  he was stung in the mouth or throat (which may cause swelling of the throat and choking), and in the case of the appearance of symptoms of systemic toxicity (nausea, vomiting, fever, headache), please consult a physician.

So what good is it?

But bees can serve and benefit for our health. Everybody is aware of the healing properties of bee “products”: honey, propolis, pollen, royal jelly. Bee venom has particular action. Today bee stinging is used as an independent method of treatment of many diseases (from gastro-intestinal and skin diseases to diseases of the nervous system) as well as an additional method when you want to enhance the effect of medication and physiotherapy. They use  bee stinging, when other treatments do not help, or the body can not tolerate medical therapy. Apitherapy believes that babies can be treated with bee venom from birth.

Honey bees for kids

 You probably think: “What mother would agree to sting her child? It’s so painful!” We hasten to reassure – the treatment does not have to expose your child to real bites. Everything is completely different. First  bee stings a napkin, then you pull out the sting with the small fine tweezers  and put on the child. Slight redness or swelling may appear at the site of the bite, but for children it is, in principle, normal, so just the next day, if the redness is large, we miss bee sting. After a day or two, eveything will disappear. This technology avoids the pain. The fact is that bee venom is composed of many components. Melitin, contained in the first portion of the poison brings acute pain. When a bee stings a napkin, all melitin remains in it, and the patient receives only a portion of the nutrients, including adolapin, having even analgesic effect.

Feeling of the procedure is completely incomparable to bee stings. Bee stinging easily can cure such a serious disease as enuresis (bed wetting). In this case the child does not need a full course of bee stinging. It is sufficient 1-3 procedures and the baby will be fine. You can treat also diseases of the nervous system of the child, when he is very shy, afraid of the dark. Bee stinging can cure bronchopulmonary disease, shortness of breath, asthma. Bees help children who are sick with the flu or are prone to colds. Some parents fear that the baby will be allergic to bee stings. This is unlikely, especially since the first bite will be a test for him (when the body gets a tiny dose of poison), and only if the reaction is normal, you can continue the treatment. sometimes it’s enough for babies only several stings every other day, and their health is well restored. For some diseases it is recommended the additional massage, acupuncture, etc., then the effect of treatment increases.

It is useful to know

Someone needs one bite a day, and someone 5-10. 
Despite the abundance of drugs on the basis of bee venom, it is proved that the natural poison has no competitors. It is the most effective and do not cause allergies as opposed to drugs based on bee venom. Beekeepers who are regularly subjected to bee stings, are always healthy. 
Bee stings increase blood circulation so that if you stick the hand to the site of the bite, then once you feel the heat.

Honey bee games for kids

We would like to expand the children’s knowledge of the bees (appearance, behavior, habitat, practical value). We need dictionary work. We need to introduce the vocabulary words to children: beehive, beekeeper, drone, apiary, pollination. We need to educate the children respect for the natural environment, to insects.


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We need drawings of the beekeeper and the apiary, layout of the hive. We make small colorful flowers from paper for every child and a few big flowers. We take honey in the bowl and a teaspoon for every child.


Hey guys, I’ll give you something to try. But to do that, you have to close your eyes and open your mouths. (Prior you should find out whether children are allergic to honey)

– Good? This is a honey!

– Do you know where the honey is taken from?

It is collected by bees, but not all for people, but for themselves also. Bees make stocks for the winter and they eat it in the winter. Because bees do not sleep in the winter. Not only adults bees eat honey, but also their larvae, from which later small bees appear. People take not all honey, but only part of it from the bees.  People make special houses for bees – the hives.  Big happy bee family lives in each hive. It has a queen and a lot (thousands) of worker bees and drones. Each bee has a job. Worker bees clean the hive, feed the larvae, warm, air the house, protect from enemies, collect nectar and pollen. The people who take care of the bees in the apiary are called beekeepers.

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– How do they do it?

If the weather is cloudy and there are long rains, the bees can not fly for food and then people give the bees sweet sugar syrup. If the bees get sick, they are given the medicine. They put hives for the winter in the warm clean basement.

– Do you want to become beekeepers?

But there are wild bees also.

– Remember the cartoons in which they are?

In the “Mowgli” and in a cartoon about Winnie the Pooh. There no one cares about the bees. They live as large families in the hollows of trees, in the rocks.

Bees are a lot, but there is always the order in the family.

– How do they understand each other, not being able to talk? What do you think?

They talk through dance and smells. Bee found in the nectar or pollen, returns home and with a dance “tells” how much food it found: a lot or a little, they need to fly far or close. Bee, dancing, make small circles, if there is little food, and large, if a lot. And the smell determines what flower to look for.

Let us make small bees, and will fly from flower to flower at this wonderful music. And when it stops, each “sits” on your flower (The “Waltz of the Flowers” from Tchaikovsky). Kids with little flowers in hands will dance. When the music stops, bees sit on the flowers)

Honey is not only delicious, but also useful. It has vitamins. And bees make propolis. It treats the throat, if it hurts.

– Have you ever a bee sting?

Bee can sting, it defends. But even bee venom is a medicine. It is used in ointments, creams and you can rub sore feet with it.

Bees have a special bright coloring. They have oval yellow body with black stripes. Color of bee protects it from enemies, as well as its sting, which is at the end of the abdomen.

Today we met with a bee. Find out where and how it lives, who take care of it, how it looks like and what are the benefits for the people.

Next time we’ll learn what determines the taste of honey and who helps us to grow rich harvest of berries, fruits, and vegetables.

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– Guys, guess the riddle.

Thrifty mistress 
flew over the lawn, 
flew over a flower – 
It shares the honey. (Bee)

– Yes, it is a bee. Taste and color of honey depend on the flowers from which the bees collect nectar and pollen. Bees distinguish so many flowers. And you? Let’s play a game of “What? Where? When?” (You give children cards with pictures of flowers. Kids take them and talk about them: name, place of growth, flowering time)

– Guys, come closer to the table. Let’s take a closer look at the bee with a magnifying glass.

– What do you see?

– Yes, the legs are covered with fine hairs.

– And now we look through a magnifying glass at the flower (in winter you can use the indoor flowering plant,  sprinkling it with powder, mimicking pollen).

– What do you see?

– In the middle of the flower flour is scattered – it’s pollen. In the summer, when you sniff a flower, the pollen remains on the hands and nose.

– Now we’ll try to fly like bees from flower to flower. Instead of bees we take swabs. After all, if you look at the wool with a magnifying glass, we also see small villi, same as on the bees’ legs. Let’s touch a flower with a stick.

– What did you see?

– Pollen stuck from our flower. Similarly bee sits on a flower and pollen from a flower sticks to its little paws. A bee  flies to another flower, and so all day. Thanks to the bees pollen of one plant goes to another if it does not, the flowers will not have seeds. They say that the bees pollinate flowers. There would be no bees, there would be no fruits from wild rose hips, apple, cherry, many other plants.  Not only bees pollinate plants, but other insects, you know them.

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– Who flits over the flowers and pollinate them?

– Bees, wasps, butterflies.

I think that now bees become your best friends.

Drawing “Bees fly on a flower meadow”

We tell children about bees, their life in the spring and summer. We learn to show in drawing the shape, color and characteristics of bees, to work on the composition of picture – to arrange evenly  images over the entire sheet, introduce to children the organization of rhythm on the pictorial plane. We develop the ability to work on the plan (prior to the start of work to visualize the content of the image). We encourage children to express their personal opinion about the pictures of other children. We nurture a love to nature.


We need an image of bees (art photos, drawings, illustrations), figurines of bees and flowers, audio (Rimsky-Korsakov “Flight of the Bumblebee”), tinted sheets of paper (blue), gouache and brush.

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Children, I suggest you to close your eyes and imagine yourself in the spring green meadow. Sunshine, smell of the plants bloom. Listen. Do you hear the buzz? Open your eyes. Who do you see, buzzing on a green meadow where flowers bloom?

Black blackberries 
In a small room
weave fishnet 
put sweetens in it. (Bees, the hive, honeycomb) 

Children guess riddles. In case of difficulty you give them leading questions.

Show the image of bees.


That’s what bee’s like, a nice hard worker and a nurse! And for people who are ill, honey is the first drug. Who drank milk with honey during the illness? (Children answer.) What is the color of the bee? Look how transparent the bee wings with mesh pattern. When an insect lands on the flower, they sparkle in the sun. And to whom is like a bee, on what other insects (on a wasp, on a bumblebee).

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You play a tape recorder, a fragment of music by Rimsky-Korsakov’s “Flight of the Bumblebee“. You invite children to listen to music and to think about quickly or slowly bumblebee flies, up or down. Then ask the children to imagine themselves the little bees and to fly around the queen (you), to make buzz and to sit down at the flowers (chairs).

Then offer children to draw a bee, flying to collect nectar from flowers. Ask questions:

– The abdomen of a bee is similar to…?

– A head?

– How many legs has the bee? Antennas?

– How to draw wings-meshes?

– How to draw a bee that collects nectar?

– How the bees can fly for nectar?

You comment the answers of children:

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  1. They fly out of the hive and fly orderly, one after the other.
  2. Here is the order of flying bees disturbed. First one bee swam over a flower, then another feels an unusual floral fragrance.
  3. Now, all the bees fly over flower meadow, scatter in different directions. Each bee chooses a favorite flower and sits on it.The nature of bee flight becomes restless.

Offer children to draw the nature of the flight of bees at the beginning of the flight from the hive, and then bees flying one by one and then flying over the clearing to find the right flower. Children perform the job of choice, telling about the nature of the flight of bees on their sheets.

Invite children to start individual practical work “Bees fly on a flower meadow.” During practice play the music of Rimsky-Korsakov’s “Flight of the Bumblebee.”

During the work you draw the attention of children to choose colors for the abdomen of a bee, for wings, flowers and clouds. Direct the activities of children to create their compositions. To do this, ask about the plan of a picture (A big bee flies to a beautiful flower, and young bees fly, bee collected a lot of nectar and is tired; bee admires sun)

At the end, pictures are attached to a board. Ask questions:

– What’s the funniest bee? Or thoughtful?

– Where is the largest and the most awkward bee?

– Where do the young bees play catch-up?

– Where does a serious bee fly to work?

– How would you describe your drawing?

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During the analysis, try to ask questions so that of children say something about each figure. Pay attention to the most expressive works.

Applique “Bees fly to the hive” 
(collective work)

  1. Tell the children about fauna species, continue to tell about the life of bees.
  2. Continue to teach children to make a common subject composition, positioning objects “closer” and “further”, the ability to cut out the oval  bee’s body from ready initial forms, using all of their surface, during the cutting of a pair of wings to use the techniques of carving.
  3. You generate the creative activity of children, learn to show the intentions of insects (fly one after the other, spin in a circle, play catch-up, admire the flowers, etc.). Educate the children to take care of those who depend on the human, insects.
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A large sheet of paper with a picture of a flower meadow with a hive, some bees, flower and hive from paper.

The initial yellow forms for the body 5×4 cm (2*1.5”), blue for bee wings 4×7 cm (1.5*3”), black pen, scissors, glue, a brush, a box of scraps.

Tell the children that the nature awakes in the spring and variety of insects can be seen in the air, the grass, the flowers.

– What kind of insects do you know?

– Guess the puzzle:

Hairy one buzzing, 
flies for sweet. (Bee)

House is small, 
and the inhabitants are a lot. (The bees in the hive)

– Did you see the bee? Describe it.

Hang pictures of bees on a board.

– What do you know about bees?

– Where are the bees? (In the hive)

– Who cares about the bees? (Beekeeper)

– What are the benefits of bees? (Make honey, pollinate plants)

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Today we will together make a great picture, which will be called “The bees are flying into the hive“. Here is the flower meadow, on which is the hive (show a large sheet with the image of the field), and you cut out and stick the bees. The bees will be flying over the clearing in different locations – close and far (point to the other places in the meadow). Bees can be glued in a diverse order – young bees play, fly one after another, the old bees carefully fly to the hive, some bees admire the beautiful colors (point to the locations).

Physical training

Honey bees for kids - honey bee games for kids - bee stings children (10)

– Guys, I suggest to leave the table, imagine that you are the bees: bees-moms and kids of bees or bee-grandfathers and fly over the meadow.

The teacher shows carved bees, and notes that the body of the bee is oval. Ask from which the original form they must cut the body – from the rectangle. Offer to show the original shape. Perform screening of cutting: fold the workpiece in half, round off corners, get the body. Then for the wings fold the blue one in half and cut the pair of double wings. Stick body to the wings, painting eyes and stripes on the body of the bee with a marker.

Everyone must do their part, but do not spoil the overall picture.

Honey bees for kids - honey bee games for kids - bee stings children (12)

In operation, it is necessary to remind the children to try to cut rounded wings and body smoothly. When it is ready you offer children come with their bees to the table, spread the adhesive and stick them onto the clearing. Ask – which bee it is – young, hardworking, flying into the hive, decided to play, wandering over the flower. Give advice, which bees it is better to place together, or in different places of the meadow.

At the end of the session, you can ask children whether each one of them can perform such a large and interesting picture. You emphasize that this can only be done together, working together as well as bees.


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Honey bees for kids

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