Purple honey

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Israel got purple honey first in the world. Israeli experts in agriculture could get honey of purple, red, blue, green and other colors.

 Purple honey (1)

Malka Ben-Ze’ev from the apiary “Dvorat and Tavor,” which achieved such a result, said that honey is obtained through supplements of extract of plants, growing in the Mount Tabor and commonly used in a spice. How they can make the bees to love the extract is the professional secret of the apiary.

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Ben-Ze’ev told Ynet website only that it has required a set of experiments.  In New Year’s Eve “Dvorat Tavor” released a set of honey of 6 colors: blue, green, red, purple, yellow and pink. Besides, each of them has different taste: wild flowers, citrus, corn-flowers, eucalyptus and others. Israel News


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Purple honey

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