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Here we show you some interesting ideas of bee costume DIY.

How to tie New Year’s costume of bee

Carefully made with your own hands fancy dress always looks original and more comfortable than the most expensive factory model. To create a really unique thing, you do not have to be an experienced crafter. Just try to make a simple children’s Christmas costume of bee. It will consist of a vest (short or long) and hat.

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You will need

– Fancy yarn of dark brown and orange color; 
– two knitting needles; 
– iron with steam function; 
– gauze, 
– needle for joints; 
– application or other decorations



Select the appropriate molded (or other effective) yarn – the structure and aesthetic qualities influence the end result of your work. Knitted fabric should be fluffy, elastic, soft and pleasant to the touch – a knitted suit will be worn on a thin cotton T-shirt, a baby should feel comfortable. For knitting of  fancy dress from the complex structure of threads choose large size  spokes.


Tie a short vest for a boy or a long (sleeveless tunic) for girls. Calculate the density of knitting and take the desired number of loops on the knitting needles. The work starts from the back, doing garter stitch (all series – the only facial loops). To get the New Year’s costume, decorated with wide bands of 5-6 cm wide (2”), alternate dark brown and orange working thread.


Make a direct canvas before armholes, Individually adjust the desired length of the future fancy dress. For the armholes you need to close the beginning of a facial row (and then the beginning of next purl) with ten loops.


Making armholes, continue to knit striped brown-orange back to the beginning of the neck. Last 5-6 cm (2”) decorate items with rubber 1×1 cm (0.3*0.3”) and close the loop in the wrong row. Knitted dress will look more complete if the bottom color will match the neck.


Knitting the front of the New Year’s bee dress, you just follow a pattern of finished back. Please note that the boundaries of alternating colored stripes on both parts should coincide.


Iron the back and the front of the shirt through a piece of moistened gauze. Carefully make the connecting joints in the shoulders, so that you have a big horizontal neckline.


Make the loops, starting from the corner of the back of armhole, along the length and to the end of the armhole front. Tie a rubber band  – it should make a whole with a cutout of dress.


Start working on the headdress of orange yarn. Measure the head circumference and calculate the required number of loops, based on the density of your knitting. Knit cap  of “Bee” with a rubber 2×2 cm (1*1”). Work before rounding the top, check the size individually.


Begin to round out the top of hat in facial lines: knit the two loops together every 10, 8, 6, 4, 2 loops for as long as the needles have just a few loops. Tighten the thread and make the rear seam. If desired, you can decorate it with a picture of bee or even make a hat out of fabric and sew ears (stuffed with synthetic padding) with pompons on the ends.


You just have to find orange or brown-colored tights and orange shoes with rubber fixing.

Useful Tips

Before making a Christmas tree costume, you need to find out exactly where and in what conditions a holiday will take place. If the room is hot, do not dress up in a product made of wool. In this case, it is better to make a bee costume from fabric or from cotton threads.

Queen bee costume

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Bee suit looks very bright and positive. This is a great option for kids, and for the fully mature girls. Its main advantage is its positivity. Well let’s begin. The costume consists of several parts. Body, skirt, wings and horns.

The first thing to do – it’s a body. You can just take the clothes to fit and make the pattern (do not forget the padding). Now you have two ready details – back and front. If you find a bee fabric, you do not need to spend extra time on the stripes. In the opposite case it is necessary to make strips to both sides of body. Now handle with the neck and sleeves. For the manufacture of skirt you can use yellow tulle, which you must contract with a black belt and make a small black border.

In order to make the antennas, sheathe the ordinary flat hoop with black cloth, and attach small antennas with yellow tips.

And finally, the wings. They can be made of wire and pull on them tight black stockings. Grounds of stocking are wrapped around the body.

Costume is ready.

Some more ideas:
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Black pants, a striped blouse can be with sleeves. Back – wings of the yellow scarf, wrap one half around the middle of the second half, sew, then starch. A head cap is also crocheted, black, mustache in front (wire, covered with yellow velvet).

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The suit is made by patterns of rompers and baby hats. Patterns of front and rear ends are cut into 3 parts, transferred to fabric – alternately black and yellow. And sew together.

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The most difficult thing in the suit – are wings: stretch tulle on the frame of wire and sew by hand, in order to hide the stitches sew on top the webbing of sequins. The wings are glued. Dress is very simple to make:  bell to the bottom, black bars – are satin ribbons. Flower on the hand – it’s just a rattle, but it is also easy to do by yourself. In the scarf you can insert antennas.

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You can make yellow body, paint with fabric paints black stripes and make a hoop with yellow pompons. Here you can find many interesting crafts.


Unusual bee costume))

Beekeeper from China has created a live bee suit, put on his body about 331 thousands of bees with the weight 33.1 kilograms.

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Queen bee costume – ideas

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