Where to buy bee hives

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Buy hives for bees is possible. Where to buy a bee hive? For example, in a special beekeeping store or specialized boards of beekeeping.

In this article, let’s talk about what bee hives are the best to buy, where and how to buy the hives for the bees, and how to choose a new hive for bees (briefly), as well as used one from beehive beekeeper.

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Where to buy a hive?

Where to buy a hive better? From the manufacturer. It is desirable that you buy a wooden hive, preferably cedar that with careful handling can serve up to 30 years and almost immune to cracking. In fairness, it should be noted that, ideally, a good hive, as a good instrument – must be made of different kinds of wood. If it should slip – the best is oak, if you need heat – linden and pine, if the strength – a birch or aspen. If you need light risers under the canopy – the bamboo, if no heat – better than rush not to be found, especially if you soak it in non-flammability composition.

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Therefore it is better to proceed from the fact that each region has traditions. The quality construction of hive will delight the soul and work with the bees become a pleasure, and the lack of thought and lack of quality of construction just shorten your life.

If you decide to buy a hive of styrofoam , you should know that it keeps the heat, absorb the noise, and in quality is not inferior than wood, except for the longevity and the inability to burn in order to disinfect. It can be argued that the hives of foam represents some unique thermos, which provides  bee family cool in summer and warm in winter. In this regard, there is no need for incremental warming. Experienced beekeepers believe that the future of beekeeping – this hive of thermal containers materials. But we think that wooden ones are close to nature. And do not forget – ideal hive should be simple, modest and reliable.

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How to choose a hive for bees, multiple-hive or hive of dadan or hive-lounger?

How to choose a hive for bees? These structures – the most popular and, therefore, are positively proven in professional circles.

If you learned a lot of information about how to make a beehive with you hands , then why come up with the question: “where to buy a hive for bees,” to spend a hefty amount of money? It is easier and cheaper to make a hive on their own, and here you are able to find drawings of hives.

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The most important requirements for the hive are:

Ease of operation by a beekeeper.
Full protection of working bees from the harsh weather (rain, cold, heat, etc.).
Long service life.
The possibility of modifying of the internal configuration of the hive in order to reduce, to increase its area.
The simplicity of design.
Interchangeability with other parts of the hive and and the possible permutations of similar components (store extensions, roof, etc.).
In addition, if a new beekeeper, looking at a particular hive,  thinks  ” I will buy a hive for bees “, so the price of the hive must be democratic. And if suddenly your activity does not succeed, and manufacturing of hive is not yours, you can buy the hives for the bees  at any time.

How to buy a used hive?

Used hives should be selected on the following criteria:

First of all, whether it fits standard frameworks of its design.
Should be no damage from shipworm and check the corners well, because the hive starts to rot from corners.
Check for signs of diarrhea of bees.
The smell inside the hive should be only from propolis, because even after a long period without a bee – it is still there. If hive smells something else – worth considering.
If possible, it is better to do scrapings from the inner walls of the hive frames and bring them to a laboratory, if no rot – you can take it.
Enjoy your shopping, and now, after reading this article, you will know how to buy a hive.

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Where to buy bee hives

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