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In folk medicine zabrus has been long used to treat many diseases.

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Zabrus is an upper lid of bee combs. Filled with honey wax honeycomb are sealed with a special substance that contains the secret of wax glands of bees, propolis, pollen, and saliva of bees. Consequently, zabrus is a natural conglomerate of biologically active substances. Before pumping out of honey they cut upper lids and use them as a healing agent. Scientists have found that zabrus is effective in the treatment of infectious diseases, intestinal dysbiosis, rhinitis, inflammation of the sinuses and others.   Addiction of pathogens to zabrus is not observed, it does not cause allergies, that distinguishes it from conventional medicines. Recovery occurs, often quickly and without complications.

• In diseases of the digestive system it is recommended to chew zabrus, it causes severe salivation and, as a consequence, improves the secretory and motor functions of the stomach. In addition, the individual components of zabrus improve metabolism, circulation, performance, strengthen gums, lining the larynx, stomach, etc.

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• Zabrus enhances immunity, especially to colds. Chew 1 tablespoon of zabrus 3-4 times a day for 5-10 minutes, after you can spit it out. Not dangerous if you accidentally swallow a piece, because it is digested in the stomach and improves its mucosa. Zabrus has a pleasant taste and children chew it willingly. If zabrus is tough, you can add a little honey.

• Zabrus is useful for children to prevent in the fall and spring the flu, sinusitis, rhinitis, etc. In order to prevent you can chew 1 teaspoon of zabrus 2-3 times per day, in addition, it is recommended to eat 2-3 teaspoons of honey.

Supplements of clean zabrus: Based on zabrus and propolis they prepare a food additives, having high bactericidal, anti-inflammatory and anesthetic properties.  Anesthetic properties of it 5 times better than the novocaine, and it reduces inflammation in the internal organs. It is used as a tablet under the tongue or in the form of plates on the affected mucosa (stomatitis, gingivitis, periodontal disease, etc.) or skin (furuncle, etc.). To prevent the disappearing of volatiles of it, it is better to cover the plates with plastic wrap.

• If you put it on the aching tooth, the pain will end in 15-20 minutes. Inflammation of the roots of the teeth is also terminated. If this is a decay – after the pain is terminated – you should contact your dentist. Treatment of periodontitis with these plates lasts a few days – a tooth ceases to stagger, oral cavities exempt from pus and cysts on the roots of the teeth are not formed.

• Under the influence of it you can quickly cure diseases of nasopharynx, sinusitis, inflammation of the frontal sinuses.

• In the treatment of bronchitis, asthma , pneumonia it is desirable to simultaneously receive ambrosia as a general tonic.

• On the basis of pollen was made dietary supplement, known as “bee bread”,  it is prescribed for the treatment of anemia, stroke, allergies, alcoholism, drug addiction and many other diseases. This medicine you should dissolve like candy, for 30 minutes, then do not drink. Dose for adults – 1-2 g, for a child – 0.5 g.

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• For treatment of burns you put  thin plates on the burned skin and cover with plastic wrap. The pain quickly subsided, and under the plate pus forms a lot, which washes away dirt and dead skin. On purified skin the young epithelium appears. Fold is changed after 2-3 hours until the condition improves.

• These plates treat osteomyelitis. However, except for pain relief, the drug is anti-inflammatory and bone is gradually recovering. After each use, the drug is washed in water and rolled into a ball (to prevent the escape of biologically active substances) , you can use it many times. It is contraindicated for people who are allergic to bee products.

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