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Bee hives removal

Anyone who knows what a honey bee or wasp sting, is aware how much it hurts, and often dangerous. Usually honey bee or wasp sting can cause pain, redness and slight swelling of the bite. But if an insect stings a person …

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Bee skeps

Bee hives pictures - bee skeps

Bee Hive or skep – is artificially manufactured home for bees. For centuries, the population contained bees in the non-separable bees hives (deck, nest boxes, bee skeps), and bees attached honeycombs to the ceiling and walls. Currently bees are kept in framework hives  different from non-separable skeps …

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Keeping bee hives

From ancient times people use the gifts of the bees, but it took many centuries for it to penetrate into the mysteries of these insects. Beekeeper is an ancient profession. In ancient times, people hunted for honey – seek out hollows …

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Bee remover

Honey bees removal - guide to beekeeping (3)

During the main honey flow beekeepers pump honey on apiaries. For convenience, they construct a temporary work area or just pitch a tent near the apiary. Sometimes, in small apiaries honey pumping occurs after the extensions are removed, the empty cells immediately are put …

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Honey bees disappearing

Over the last year the number of bees in the world decreased by about one-third. The case moves to the fact that over the next 20 years honey bees may disappear entirely. This forecast was made by experts of Food …

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Urban beekeeping

Can be beehive installed in a city? Whether urban beekeeping is possible? The answer unequivocally is “yes”! Now, in many countries there has been a surge of interest in beekeeping. It is caused by reports of mass death of bees and other …

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Beekeeper’s apprentice

Apprentice of beekeeper tends to go to extremes. From the “oh, I’m afraid!” to “what’s inside?”. Of course, the first time bee stings can cause pain. Sting, not bites, the bee has no teeth, at least, those who are bred …

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Beekeeping as a business

Beekeeping as a business - beginner bee keeping

One of the popular areas of business activities now is beekeeping. In this circle holds its fair honey to help beginners not only boast of success, but also to acquire the necessary communication and cooperation with merchants and earn a …

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Bee keeping equipment

Beekeeping – a highly profitable branch of agriculture. Beekeepers may well earn decently and get enormous pleasure from it. It should be noted that the beekeeper is constantly on the nature than improve their physical and mental health. And bee …

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Beekeeping lessons

Books on driving bees tell us that  keeping the bees, in the presence of a large apiary, – the constant daily work. But apiarists who make natural beekeeping tell us that they do nothing, but only once a year, take honey. …

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