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It is known that for good health, vitality and well-being into old age, you need to eat healthy. Prolonged disturbance (errors) in the diet leads to a metabolic disorder, which ultimately leads to unbalance of the body and chronic diseases. These processes in the body are slow and do not come immediately. To avoid this, you should include bee pollen in your diet. Recently, attention to bee pollen or bee bread increased. Pollen of many plants contains silicon, sulfur, copper, cobalt, sodium, iron, aluminum, calcium, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, barium, silver, zinc, chromium and other trace elements. The composition of the pollen contains various proteins and free amino-acids, vitamins, including A, B, C, B,  P, and almost all diseases that require increasing levels of these vitamins can be cured by bee pollen, “Enzymatic substances” that act as biological catalysts in pollen are very important for the body. Pollen grains of some plants contain hormonal substances.

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Monitoring people who eat the pollen suggests that pollen gives a good effect for anemia, normalizes bowel, increases appetite, efficiency, reduces blood pressure of hypertensive patients, increases the hemoglobin and increases the number of red blood cells. According to the scientific literature and practical observations, honey and pollen well affect digestion (this is important in the modern diet).

Treatment of ulcers with bee pollen –  1 tsp. of pollen, broth of herbs (burdock root, plantain, etc.), add 1 tablespoon of honey, leave for 10-15 minutes, until the  pollen grains dissolute and take 1.5-2 hours before or 3 hours after a meal.

Gastritis with low acidity – take pollen and honey before food, drinking a cold decoction of rose hips. The recommended dose – 1 tsp. of pollen, 1 tbsp. of honey 3 times a day. The course of treatment – 2 months. Then take a break 10 days, and again 2 months of treatment -until a stable result. This recipe is also good for the treatment of liver diseases.

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Keep pollen in a glass jar with a tight lid. You can mix the pollen and honey in the ratio of 1:1, and store in a cool dark place. Сourses: 1 month – 1 tsp. 3 times a day, 1 month – 1 tsp. 1 time per day, etc. Treatment can be supplemented with broth of rosehips, carrot juice and others. During the period of the practice contraindications were not observed.

In the treatment with pollen and honey the dose and time of receipt has a big importance. So before you start treatment with pollen, you should consult with a specialist in this field.  1 kg of pollen is sufficient for 3.5 months of admission. This is enough for a first full course of treatment.

The usual method of taking pollen

1 time per day take 1 teaspoon with the same amount of honey, surely dissolving in the mouth, half an hour before a meal. After pollen dispersal in the mouth you should not drink water or any liquid for 15-20 minutes. The course of treatment depends on the disease –  from 20 days to a month.

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How do you properly treat with pollen?

1. Try to get the pollen, collected by bees directly (not artificially);

2. If you buy the pollen, packed in gelatin capsules, take it out of the capsule and take the pollen in the “live” form;

3. Necessarily to absorb the pollen in the mouth like candy;

4. Pollen often has a bitter taste, so it is recommended to add half a teaspoon of honey;

5. After receiving pollen it is advisable not to drink any liquid for 15-20 minutes.

If you follow these rules, there is a guarantee that the pollen will not be gone for nothing, but will bring you the long awaited health.

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