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Bites from bees – afraid it or not and how to provide first aid for a bee sting? These pictures and text below are going to help you.
Bees are very susceptible to sharp smells so they come in great excitement in such a case. Odor creams, perfumes, cologne, alcohol, garlic, onions, sweat, gasoline, kerosene are annoying for bees.

Bee stings pictures - bee stings picture

Moreover, sharp and fast movements are annoying for bees also, which are understood as a threat. So an attack and a bee sting – a natural defensive reaction of bees. If the bee begins to circle around you, do not dismiss it, but stop and wait until it flies away. Many people try to catch and crush the bee, thus saving from the sting of bee. You can not do that, because you will crush the tank with bee venom, and this  smell is very annoying for bees. The pungent smell of the poison – a danger signal for the bees. And at this point, they are very aggressive.

When a bee stings the victim having pain, redness, weakness, shortness of breath, dizziness, and even 5-15 minutes rash may appear. In 20-30 minutes swelling may appear on the place of the inflammatory edema and  it can be for several days.

Sensitive to bee venom and the elderly with a weak heart people often suffer from bee stings. A bee sting can cause shock: breathing is interrupted and the body is covered with spots. Such a person should be put to bed,the fan must be turned on  and direct air is directed towards the victim.

Bites are very dangerous to the tongue, the pharynx or the mouth. In this case, the mucous membrane swells in the pharynx and larynx , a person suffocates. Also bites are dangerous  into large blood vessels in the cornea . Bee stings give a health risk to people who suffer from allergies. They can develop nettle, cause swelling, vomiting, diarrhea, rhinitis , asthma and anaphylactic shock . To avoid suffering from bee stings, you must strictly follow the precautions: not to walk barefoot on the grass,  particularly where a lot of flowers, from which bees collect nectar.
What can also give first aid to bee stings?

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When a bee sting you should first carefully remove the stinger immediately that it does not penetrate deeply. Remoted sting can not be left on the body, as under the action of the muscle fibers it again begins to move and can pierce the body. After removal of the sting you can put fresh parsley leaves to the affected area to reduce pain and remove the inflammatory edema. To prevent an allergic reaction you can take a decoction of parsley. To do this, take 2 tablespoons chopped parsley roots, pour in a thermos and pour 500 ml boiling water. Infuse 8-10 hours. Drink 3 cups three times a day 30 minutes before eating. Tumor disappears fast enough.

If a person suffers severe allergies , then immediately put on a place of sting a cotton wool moistened with a solution prepared in the following manner. Take 1 teaspoon of ammonia, lemon salt, 400 grams of vinegar or vodka. Mix everything and pour into a bottle. This mixture is well suited to those who have strong reaction even to the bites of mosquitoes and black flies.

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Usually you can lubricate place of a sting with ammonia or calendula tincture, treat the wound with a solution of potassium permanganate (potassium permanganate 1:1000), the juice of garlic. Ointment consisting of petrolatum, rectified spirit and 10% solution of calendula can be used also. If there is  no these drugs on hand, you can lubricate the wound with honey.

Moreover, relief comes when you put soaked in hot water and wrung out the towel. By changing hot towel with a cold, you can significantly reduce the temperature and swelling in place of a bee sting .

Also, if a bee sting, garlic juice has soothing and analgesic action, bandage is moistened with it and then it is put to the affected area.

Stung place can be wet with saliva and rubbed with the pill of validol. After 15 minutes, burning and pain will stop.
Victim of a bee sting can drink 50-75 ml of vodka. It quickly neutralizes bee venom.
Diphenhydramine, papaverine, procaine, prednisone, hydrocortisone, calcium chloride, suprastin also block the effect of bee venom.

With strong bee venom poisoning you should give excessive drinking to a victim and call an emergency.

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Bee stings pictures

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