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Facial bee veil (part of bee keepers suit) protects the head of beekeeper from stings. It consists of wire veil, lined with cloth. The wire veil should not be thick (cell size must be 3×3 mm (0.11*0.11”)), it should be painted with the best non-shiny black paint, so that you can see through it well.

The front grid for smokers is manufactured with a hole in the wire veil, which can be closed by a shutter. Front grid can be folded, but the beekeeper sweats in hot weather.

Facial veil with helmet

Facial veil with the helmet is similar to the regular front grid. In overhead part there is a wire veil, and more air. To make that the wire veil does not touch directly the head of the beekeeper, the two rims are inserted inside, preventing contact of the grid with a human face. Facial veil with the helmet is larger and the harder than usual.

Facial veil tulle

Consists of a thin black or white tulle, which is sewn to the front with the black tulle. It’s like a bag of tulle, worn on the head so that it does not touch the face (it is best to wear a hat.)

Its advantage is the light weight and ease of storage.

A hat with a front veil

This hat is made of cloth, which broad fields are supported by a steel rim. You can wear a free tulle veil or sew it to the fields of a hat. The front part of tulle veil is black for better visibility. At the bottom of the net you tighten the tulle by a lace, so the bees do not climb under it. A hat with a face veil is more convenient, because you can breathe well, a beekeeper does not sweat and see well through it. When working in the apiary you  should tie a hat with front veil under the chin.

You can make bee veils DIY by your hands. Sew them out of white cloth called diagonal. Buy a grid of good quality.  First cut out all the details and overcast edges.

Bee veil - bee keepers suit (10)

Sew together from the top of cap. First, get the pieces,

Bee veil - bee keepers suit (9)

then convert in cheerful skullcaps.

Bee veil - bee keepers suit (8)

Sew the fields, and now it is a white Panama hat.

Bee veil - bee keepers suit (7)

The next stage – sew the strip of cloth on the edge of  hat, in which will then be sewn a band.

Bee veil - bee keepers suit (6)

Then work with the bottom of the grid. Sew  a narrow strip to a wide strip of fabric, in which then retract a cord.

Bee veil - bee keepers suit (1)

Then sew the bottom with the grid, and then sew it all to a panama.

Bee veil - bee keepers suit (11)

It is almost ready, the most unpleasant and critical stage is inserting steel rings, sealed in a shrink tubing.

Bee veil - bee keepers suit (5)

Pull a cord is not difficult.

Bee veil - bee keepers suit (4)

Fasteners are homemade, we previously used wooden spools, but now it’s unreal deficit, so we use these.

Bee veil - bee keepers suit (3)

Face veil is ready.It is a little makeshift, but is very convenient and practical. It is enough for 2-3 years.

Bee veil - bee keepers suit (2)

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Bee veil

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