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Bee problems

In the last few years social activism in environmental issues has increased. People began to react badly to the facts of the chemical and physical contamination of areas of their life. And also people do not always have objective information about the …

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Magic of bees

Here we want to tell you about one unusual even magic point of view about the bee from organic beekeepers. Maybe it is strange, but we like it.

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Bees dying

There is an opinion that the honey – is a herbal product. The truth is that it is more similar to cow’s milk. The bees have two stomachs, one is for nectar. To fill the stomach, bee should collect nectar from 1500 flowers. Then …

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Watch the bee movie online


We asked on many beekeepers’ forums what are the favourite movies of beekeepers and now we are ready to show you. Enjoy right here, right now!

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Honey bees disappearing

Over the last year the number of bees in the world decreased by about one-third. The case moves to the fact that over the next 20 years honey bees may disappear entirely. This forecast was made by experts of Food …

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