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Live bees

LIVE BEES! Such a designation is not written at the entrance to the apiary and is not intended for beekeepers. These cautionary words can be seen on the packages of bees, which are sent in the mail cars, boats and aircrafts.

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Bees apiary

Production line apiariesBees make honey and wax. Multiplying the bees you can get new families. The use of bees for pollination of crops leads to a higher yield of the fields. An important source of income may be, for example, queen-breeding apiary, which …

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Russian bees

  It is known that the parents of the current Primorsky (Russian) species of bees were brought from Western Europe in 1850 by Ukrainian immigrants. In 1905, with the opening of the Trans-Siberian railway  other species of bees were imported from Europe in …

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Buckfast bees

Buckfast bees - honey bee types

This bee was bred by a monk from Britain, named Adam. In the twentieth century (50-ies) by crossbreeding the Italian bee with the dark bee, he got the Buckfast bee. The purpose of this selection was a breeding of bees that would …

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How to buy honey bees

Here we tell about how to buy honey bees. Saying “cheap and nasty” is nowhere justified, as when buying beehive. Do not buy  the  thin family for brood, even mediocre, but choose the best as far as possible, even if you had to pay …

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Where to buy bee hives

Buy hives for bees is possible. Where to buy a bee hive? For example, in a special beekeeping store or specialized boards of beekeeping. In this article, let’s talk about what bee hives are the best to buy, where and …

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Beekeeping as a business

Beekeeping as a business - beginner bee keeping

One of the popular areas of business activities now is beekeeping. In this circle holds its fair honey to help beginners not only boast of success, but also to acquire the necessary communication and cooperation with merchants and earn a …

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