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Here we want to share some bees crafts.

And the first one:

Craft bees (1)

To make this craft you need:


patterns for craft;


Craft bees (2)

Craft bees (3)

Craft bees (4)

Cut the above patterns.

Craft bees (5) Craft bees (6)

Glue the body of a bee to obtain a tube.

Craft bees (7)

Lubricate with glue the white areas of the head of the bee.

Glue one end of the head to the tube inside at the top, and the other end – inside at the bottom to the body.

Craft bees (8)

Bends wings and glue the part of the wings, which is marked with crosses.

Glue the wings to the body. Bee is ready!


One more craft:

Craft bees (9)

1. Pre-cut from a plastic package two ovals –  bee wings.
2. Glue a roll of toilet paper with yellow paper or prepare a cylinder of yellow cardboard. Let the kids help you.

3. Encourage your child to make gouache black stripes around the circumference, using about 2/3 of the roll and put two thick points – the eyes.
4. Now you need a stapler to attach the wings to roll and attach two pins with beads – it will be “antennae”. Antennae can be made from strips of colored paper. Wrap around the pencil the end of the strip, and then remove it. Then antennae will be twisted. Let the kid stick them to bee.

And one more bee:

Craft bees (10)

You need: wire, scissors and beads.

It is made in three stages: body, then the wings, and in the end bond everything.

Do not forget to pull the wire.

Craft bees (11)

1. String 2 beads on the wire, moving them to the middle; string  5 beads on the one end of the wire (do not forget the eyes) for the second row and skip through them the other end of the wire (in opposite directions) .

2. String four beads, weave.

3. Now, string  two beads, weave. Head is ready.

4.  Weave three beads un the 5th row.

Craft bees (12)

5. Weave five beads in the 6th row.

6. 7th row of 3 beads.

7. Make the waist of two beads.

8. Begin to weave “abdomen” – weave 4 yellow beads.

Craft bees (13)

9. 5 black beads.

10. 7 yellow.

11. Weave 5 black.

12. 3 yellow.

Craft bees (14)

13. The penultimate row of the body is made of 2 beads.

14. To finish weave one bead and fix the wire, passing it through the overlying rows.

Now weave wing.

Craft bees (15)

1. String one bead, moving it to the middle, string 2 more, weave.

2. Now 3 beads.

3. Weave 4 beads.

4. 5 beads.

Craft bees (16)

5. Now decrease: 4 beads.

6. Weave 3 beads.

7. 2 beads.

8. Again 2 beads.

Similarly make second wing.

Now make our bee:

Craft bees (17)

Attach the wings, attaching wires of them to 2 lower rows of the middle of the body.

Twist the “tail” of wires and hide them in the body.

That’s it – bee is ready!

And one bee craft:

Craft bees (20)

You can make patterns on paper. Take the bright scraps of felt for the legs and antennae. Cut out all the details, sew, stuff synthetic padding. Attach antennae and legs inside the head and body. The last thing are wings of yellow fabric. Glue shoes to the legs, embroider smile, sew tongue and eyes. Make forelock of bright synthetic threads.

Bee craft with kids:

You can do with kids giant insects. The basis for this is a common cork, for example, from a bottle of wine. It is possible to make also a dragonfly, a grasshopper or a bug – it depends on your imagination.

Materials for the bee: cork stopper, black paint, construction paper, a toothpick, scissors.

Try to pull the cork out of the bottle gently by inserting a corkscrew in the middle. In the resulting hole insert a toothpick so that you can paint the cork from all sides. Take the black paint and start to paint the body. While the paint dries, do some other details.

Craft bees (21)

Cut three strips with width 5-7 mm (0.3”) of yellow paper . The length depends on the circumference of your cork. Cut mouth from red paper, eyes – from white. Mark pupils with black paint or marker. For the wings you can take colored paper, color of your choice. Wings can be transparent, so you can cut them out of transparent oilcloth folder for paper.

Craft bees (22)

Body has dried, you can now attach it. Glue yellow stripes at the same distance from each other.

Craft bees (23)

Then stick the eyes and mouth.

Craft bees (24)

First glue together all four wings, and then stick the finished part to the back (in the middle).

Craft bees (25) Craft bees (26)
Now the bee is ready to fly. You can move the toothpick down under the belly of the bee. The result is a bright interesting toy, which can also be a decoration of flowerpot with a potted plant.

One more bee craft with children:
Do you want to decorate your holiday yard with bees? Then take your child and get to work.

Materials: yellow plastic bottle, black electrical tape, small buttons for a nose, eyes (from simple buttons), double-sided adhesive tape or glue, thick wire, pliers, a large nail, a long stick, a thin sheet of plastic, white paper, scissors.

How to do:

1. Take an empty bottle and wrap it with black tape. With double-sided tape or glue attach the nose and eyes to the bottom of the bottle.

2. To make antennae, take a thick wire and bend it with pliers, to make a form of tendrils. Pierce with the pushpin or small nail 2 holes and insert antennae.

Craft bees (27)

3.With a large nail make two holes directly across from each other in the middle of the bee’s body, put a stick through the holes.

4. Make the wings of the white paper – cut pattern of the wings and place it on the sheet of plastic, cut them out. Make a hole in the center and put on a stick. Insert it into the ground in your garden area and the bee will delight you throughout the season. You can do 3-4 bees, then it will be great!

Craft bees (28)


And the last bee craft:
Another interesting idea how to make a bee. You can decorate the children’s straw hat.

Materials: Straw hat, cardboard tray of eggs, acrylic paint, packaging of cellophane bubbles, glue, scissors, a strip of black fabric, black pompons, eyes Googly, black buttons, steel wire.

How to do: Make the body of the bee, cut 2 cups from a cardboard tray of eggs. Cut them and glue them as shown, and then cover them with yellow acrylic paint.

Craft bees (29)

Cut wings in the form of heart from the cellophane packaging bubbles. Make a cut above the middle of the body of the bee, glue it and insert the tip of the heart.

Craft bees (30)

Make the strips – take a black cloth, roll it into a tube, glue and wrap around the body of the bee, hide the tip.

Craft bees (31)

Glue nose and eyes, draw a mouth with a black marker. To make antennae, take a wire and pass through a piece of black cloth, rolled into a tube and glued. Attach small pompoms to the top. Wrap around the head the strip for antennae and straighten them. Antennae are ready. Attach our bee to the hat – take a steel wire, twist it into a spiral, attach the cap. To the other end of the wire attach the bee. Stick some flowers on the hat, so the bee does not seem so lonely.

Craft bees (32)

Here is a lot of children crafts:

Craft bees (18)

Craft bees (19)

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