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Honey bee venom is a product of secretory activity in the body of the beeEveryone knows that honey bees (worker bees and the queen) sometimes sting and their sting is very painful. A bee sticks its stinger into the skin. Then it flies away, and the sting with its stinging apparatus remains in the skin. To note: the bee sting apparatus consists of a sting, the tank or bag for the poison and two venom glands. Under the action of the contracting muscles, sting pierces deeper into the wound, and the whole bee venom of the container or bag is gradually injected into the wound. To reduce the effect of the poison, you must get a stinger after bee sting. This action will prevent ingress of bee venom into the wound and bite, of course, would be less painful.

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However, in cases where the bee sting is used for medicinal purposes, by bee venom therapy, you should not pull out the stinger, but rather wait for another 5-10 minutes after the bite. A single bee sting contains about 0.2-0.3 milligrams of venom.

The fact that bee venom is a medicine is known more than one hundred years. Why? Well, first, bee venom expands the capillaries and small arteries, increasing blood flow to the site of sting and reduces pain. Second, bee venom increases the amount of hemoglobin, reduces blood clotting and its viscosity, affects the metabolism, and reduces blood pressure.

Bee venom has a beneficial effect on the general condition of the patient, it increases the tone, performance, improves sleep and appetite. However, to increase the effectiveness of bee venom therapy of certain diseases, you should combine bee stinging with health-building procedures. Sun and air baths, swimming enhance the effects of bee venom therapy, improve metabolism in the body and contribute to the rapid resolution of infiltrates after a bee sting.

As an example, a real life event, which proves that the use of bee venom – this is not an abstract concept, but the reality of our lives. One man throughout all life had back problems: the lower back  and the nerve in the neck. So, during haying (grass harvested for the winter) when there were similar problems with his back, the man caught a bee and you put it to the back on the painful place.The bee, of course, stung him, and bee venom relieved the pain in the back and the man went on to work. That is why the bee venom is called a medicine.

Bee venom cream

Cream with bee venom is a unique therapeutic drug, the effect of which is directed to prevent anti-articular diseases (osteochondrosis, arthritis, osteoarthritis, rheumatism), and radiculitis, myositis and neuralgia. All of these diseases are a result of what we move little, carry inactivity (sedentary work, we do not have the evening or early morning exercises, and so on). The result is an accumulation of salts, rapid wear of the cartilage, a decrease of synovial fluid.

As it is clear from the name, cream with bee venom is made from the bee venom with the extract of herbs and medicinal oils. Because of this, as well as individually designed system of microcapsules, therapeutic components of the cream quite easily penetrate deep into the tissues to the site of disease. This cream (cream with bee venom) is a complete alternative to the bee sting, because bee sting – is painful and unpleasant, and rubbing of a cream with bee venom into the skin – a painless but effective procedure with the elements of a relaxing, wellness massage.

The clinical study showed high efficacy for inflammation and swelling, the appearance of which is associated with the effect of weather and other factors. In addition, the cream with bee venom improves the nutrition of tissues, normalizes metabolism in joints, restores mobility and increases range of motion.

Ointment on the basis of bee venom – a miracle cure

The value of bee venom can hardly be overestimated. Beekeepers have long paid attention to the uniqueness effects of bee venom and bee venom drugs on the human body. As you know, in a small dose the bee venom has a therapeutic effect with beneficial effects on various organs. Scientists around the world are still creating medical products containing bee venom. Pharmaceutical laboratories continue to study the chemical composition and pharmacological properties of bee venom. Based on these studies, there is a new generation of drugs that occupy a strong position in the arsenal of medicine around the world. And in medicine there is an entire field, called the treatment with bees .

Healers and doctors have injected bee venom to man in several ways: inhalation, bee stings, by subcutaneous injection, tablets. Later, other forms appeared, such as ointment on the basis of bee venom, which simplifies the use of bee venom.

Now there are many cosmetic products, which include bee venom and bee productsBee venom cosmetic, as an ointment with bee venom, has medicinal properties. But these cosmetic creams and gels are used not as a therapeutic, but as a preventive measure.

Ointment with bee venom has been developed as an aid to be used in the treatment of joint diseases: sciatica, arthritis, gout, back pain, arthritis. Due to the characteristic properties of an ointment, its use can reduce pain and swelling, stimulates recovery of tissue and synovial fluid production. Ointment with bee venom has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antirheumatic properties. The application of the ointment improves tissue nutrition, normalizes metabolism in joints and restores their mobility.

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Ointments containing bee venom: some species

At the moment there is a huge variety of drugs that use bee venom. But the most widely is used the ointments containing bee venom, as their application does not cause any trouble, you just put it on the affected area, wrap with the scarf and expect a positive outcome.

Bee venom: the cost

As the popularity of beekeeping increases, more and more often in the newspapers or in the internet you can find advertisments: sell bee venom, bee venom selling, sale or purchase of bee venom, bee venom buy and sell and so on and so forth.

The reason is that a huge mass of people began to use non-traditional methods of treatment. This is understandable, because the use of drugs is often expensive, and they are not always effective. So people use the so-called “folk medicine services”, which gives tips and recipes for making drugs at home.

Everyone knows that effective treatment of degenerative disc disease, arthritis, arthrosis  is achieved by using drugs with bee venom. But how much does bee venom cost, because it is needed for the preparation of medicines. There is no simple answer, bee venom cost varies quite widely, from a few tens to hundreds of dollars. Some even joke that the correct question is “how much is a hive of bees, and bee venom you will get for free“.

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Collection of bee venom: basic methods and techniques

Currently, there are quite a number of schemes, so the device to get the bee venom can be made simply. Let’s look at the basic concepts and methods of getting the bee venom.

How to collect bee venom or bee venom extraction:

 According to the principle of irritation of bees, equipments for bee venom are divided into mechanical and electrical.

Production of bee venom with most modifications of the mechanical irritation of bees is often accompanied by loss of bees. To get bee venom the live be is taken with your fingers or a small pair of tweezers and bee sting protrudes outward. The sting is removed a little from the cell with thin tweezers, resulting in the automatic secretion of the poison. Then you touch the glass with a sting, and bee venom quickly flows and dries. They put poison from 50 to 100 bees on one glass. The result of this method – you can get a very high quality bee venom. Dried on glass poison can be stored in desiccators for a long time.

The collection of bee venom can be performed and by other known method. It is a forced bee sting of animal skin, where they use a domestic pig bladder. In this case the sting penetrates the film and get stuck in it, and bee venom pours into a bowl of water, on which the film was stretched.

However, all devices based on the principle of mechanical irritation of bees have some significant drawbacks:

– In most devices the bees are dying because of loss of venom gland;

– These devices have low efficiency, because the entire production process is time consuming;

– Collection of bee venom in a liquid (eg, water), in which the poison is unstable;

– People can be stung by bees.

Electrical method of bee venom was adopted in 1960, when the Bulgarian beekeeper Lazov constructed a new instrument, which is based on a completely  two new principles of getting the bee venom. These two principles state that:

– Bee venom is released by an electric current;

– After the release of the poison bees do not lose their stingers and remain alive.

Today, the most widely is used the method of so-called “milking” the bees during the spring-summer season. In this case, the bees are annoyed by weak electric current pulses and sting a glass, from which the dried venom is then scraped.

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Bee venom poisoning

Bee venom effects differently on every person. And this effect depends, first, on the number of stings, and, second, from the place of bite and individual sensitivity of the organism. In general, the body of a person can easily stand up to ten simultaneous stings by bees. However, if the body is weakened or the human body has an allergic reaction, a large number of bee stings can cause a general poisoning or worse, death.

The lethal dose for an adult – about five hundred stings at once, and this again depends on the individual perception of the human body of bee venom. A 200-300 stings entail severe poisoning of bee venom, which is characterized by vomiting, diarrhea, drop in blood pressure, high fever, in some cases, hearing loss and seizures.

Bee stings in the throat, tonsils, soft palate, eyes are particularly dangerous. And the people, who was stung directly into the mouth, know firsthand the consequences of stings: unbearable pain, immediate swelling and so on. This happens mainly in making food, when people do not notice sitting bee, for example, under a piece of bread or some fruit.

But if the bee venom poisoning occured, it is necessary to know the procedures for providing first aid to victims:

– Immediately remove all stingers with tweezers;

– Bites repeatedly liberally lubricate with ammonia, onion juice, garlic, tarragon, parsley, honey, alcohol, vodka, or tincture of iodine – all these substances partially destroy bee venom;

– Give a antihistamines for oral (suprastin, diphenhydramine, even milk and yogurt);

– Attach to place a towel or a piece of any tissue soaked in cold water. If possible, apply as much as possible of ice – these actions will quickly remove the swelling and pain.

To avoid stings, you must know and remember that strong odor of alcohol, garlic, oil, and the smell of bee venom from crushed or dead bees annoy bees. In addition, bees react negatively to the sudden movement of the person (waving hands, fast movement between hives).

Thus, at high doses bee venom causes a very severe general reaction of the human body, in therapeutic doses the bee venom is an excellent drug for the treatment of various diseases.

Ointments containing larkspur with bee venom

Therapeutic and prophylactic balm cream with bee venom is a powerful means of regenerating that maximize speed up the recovery of damaged bones. Cream-balm with larkspur and bee venom has bactericidal, wound healing, anti-inflammatory, hemostatic and stimulating effect. In addition, it stops the process of tissue necrosis.

The composition of bee venom and its properties

Bee venom is a complex substance, the chemical composition of which are enzymes, proteins, amines (histamine, choline), volatile oils, evaporating during the drying of poison. And acids (hydrochloric, phosphoric, formic) and substances such as hormones of the adrenal cortex.

Let us consider the properties of bee venom, which he has:

– Improves fat metabolism, which in turn regulates cholesterol metabolism, reducing its concentration in the blood;

– Enhances the action of enzymes and hormones;

– Stimulates the “adrenal glands – the pituitary gland”;

– Assists in the concretionary bones as facilitating this process;

– Has anti-inflammatory effects;

– Thanks to the analgesic, antispasmodic and vasodilatory action, bee venom is often used for children to relieve pain in the abdomen;

– Contains substances which lowers the body temperature;

– Has a positive effect on the central nervous system;

– Strengthens the immune system;

– Has antiarrhythmic action and the ability to stimulate the heart;

– Restore the myelin sheath of nerve fibers, resulting in normal nerve impulse;

– Improves sexual function;

– Contributes to the removal of salts from the human body;

– Stimulates brain activity;

– Increases the elasticity of the connective tissue;

– Improves hearing, memory and vision.

Thus, bee venom is a unique substance, the positive properties of which are not fully understood until now. However, the effect of bee venom is widely used in modern medicine for the effective treatment of almost all of the human body.

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