Honey bees disappearing

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Over the last year the number of bees in the world decreased by about one-third. The case moves to the fact that over the next 20 years honey bees may disappear entirely. This forecast was made by experts of Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO).

The disappearance of the honey plants started in the U.S., and then continued in Europe, Latin America and Asia. Fallen into a panic people remembered Einstein. He made a prophecy that mass death of bees and bumble bees all over the planet will lead to the disappearance of mankind in 4 years. And they began to disappear in 2006.

Honey bees disappearing - bee extermination (1)

Concern of scientists is clear: if the bees disappear, pollination will stop.  Plants disappear – and mankind can be threathened.

What leads us to an environmental disaster?  There was an article of British and French scientists in the Science magazine, which tells that bumble bees are exterminated by a new type of insecticide. These chemicals are made for more efficient destruction of various  pests. But bees suffer also.

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According to one of the study of David Golson, they have only recently studied the mechanism of action of insecticides and started to understand how they influence on bumble bees in the wild, but not in a laboratory.

The most dangerous novelty – is neonicotinoid insecticides, which have been developed in the early 1990s. The are used everywhere now. The drug affects the nervous system of insects. But also it stays in the pollen and nectar of flowers.

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Researchers have observed a colony of bees that fly in the fieldwith neonicotinoid insecticide for six weeks. They found that “infected” bees have smaller nest and weaker offspring. A number of young queen bees is 85% less.

In addition, the researchers were able to trace the fate of some bees. To do this, they have provided a microchip with radio transmitters. Bees, that come into contact with the poison, die several times more often than the normal individuals. Insecticide hurts their navigation system, and the insects simply can not find a way home.

Honey bees disappearing - bee extermination

New drugs actually kill pests well. But according to experts, if you do not stop using such chemichals, then in 2035 the world will not have bees.

However, there is another hypothesis about the causes of extinction of bees. According to the hypothesis, the increased radio background in the world entails the disappearance of bees. Also we have a large number of cellular base stations and mobile phones. When scientists began to study  this problem in Israel and the U.S., it turned out, that radiofrequency electromagnetic fields affect the bees.

Honey bees disappearing - bee extermination

There was a study of a group of researchers from the University of Punjab in India. They made observations of the two families of bees for three months. Insects of the first hive live with electromagnetic radiation from two mobile phones that have worked for fifteen minutes a day.  the second bee hive was irradiated.

As a result, the first hive had half the eggs than the second. Accordingly, the number of bees reduced significantly.

Think about it…

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Honey bees disappearing

  1. Rita says:

    I am very sorry about dissapearing and extermination of lovely bees.

  2. Alexsa says:

    It will be very sad if Honey bees disappear, with sadness I read such articles

  3. MILA says:

    I also can not talk about this, read no regrets, because honeybees are very useful to create, it will be a huge loss (

  4. Latha says:

    Shocking!!! Oh how sad.

  5. JB says:

    Monsanto Elites know what they are doing – Eliminate the average persons ability to grow their own food through the mass production of pesticides and genetically engineering them into the plant seed(GMO). They probably have created a hybrid Bee and already released it into the world. Just like the Bees and Animals(People included) can not survive on GMO crops, the engineered Bees can not survive on non gmo pollen.

    It is a Theory – But the Truth is out there somewhere and if the people that know this truth do not speak up now, we may not have a Future to Speak in. The article above states that by 2035, if we do not stop using pesticides the Bees will be gone and Albert Einstein said without Bees Humanity will be gone four years after that!

    Our Government leaders are controlled by big business. Without the Money they can not maintain their offices.

    The disappearing Bees are a final warning to Humanity to Wake Up.

  6. Dan says:

    This is a badly written article with some dubious passages which make me doubt it’s veracity.
    “A number of queen bees generally 85% less than that of the “clean” bees.”
    What does this mean. A colony has only 1 queen and they were only observing 1 colony. How can you have 85% of one queen?
    The second “experiment” in Punjab on 2 “families” (?) of bees found less eggs in 1 colony; so what; if you compare any 2 colonies there’ll be dramatic differences in how they’re doing which it’s idiotic to attribute to any one variable
    The hysteria about humans dying out without bees is questionable too. Most people live on staples (rice, wheat, maize, potatoes), none of which rely on insect pollination. Einstein may’ve been a great physicist but he knew sweet FA about ecology

  7. htc incredible s цени says:

    I need to to thank you for this wonderful read!! I definitely loved every bit of it.
    I have got you book-marked to check out new stuff you post…

  8. orangelizard says:

    Poor Honeybees
    Get Well Soon

  9. Tim says:

    I have seen the Asian (Japanese) Giant Hornet much more often this year in Western NY. These are scary wasps that apprently destroy honey bee nest and eat the bees. Perhaps the increase in the Asian hornet is the reason for disappraerace of the honey bee… but no one seems to see the correlation.

  10. caca says:


  11. Lou says:

    I,m heart stricken over the silence in my lovely flower gardens that have always been in place just for our precious bees. I,m an avid photographer of bees. Sometimes we take for granite the beauty around us until its gone. Not one honey bee in my garden this year for the first time in my 53 years of life I am so sorry to have to say this. At least I know I have done my part by using natural methods of pest control. And when I say that I mean aphids and pests that threatened the very flowers I nurtured for the bees. Its July 14 2014 and no bees, no pictures to be taken of them, at least I have many years of photos with me and the whole worlds lovely bees to remind me of what we had. Could it be foolishness? or perhaps just plain old greed that’s stolen our precious commodity, the bee away from us? What ever the reason my yard is surely a lonely place without those fuzzy little sweethearts this year. If my comment sounds a little mushy well it is because bees and the photography of them are a great passion of mine. I have lung disease and those little bees have kept me very active and happy for quiet sometime. Sure I can take pictures of other subjects but they won’t take the place of the little bee or their honey and the work of pollination that they achieve. Just remember the little ole saying we also took for granite, “You look busy as a bee.” Because they surely were. Let us all look for their return and hope that it is just something about nature we don’t understand. And hope that its not to late for the bee.

  12. JM Stettner says:

    Whoever wrote this article must have done Chicken Little proud. No, Virginia, the bees are not disappearing. The Internet is quite possibly the bane of intelligent life on this planet. Anyone with open eyes sees bees and yet they fall for this utter nonsense. It isn’t even science. Typical of environmentalists who know zip about the environment: Nature is not kind, it rewards vicious (normal) behavior and Nature is not peaceful, it is a constant state of war for survival at all levels. Nature is not anything but what the environmentalists tell you. Specifically, in regards to this article, the fact of Nature is that bees are but one pollinator and a very minor one at that. Other insects and animals pollinate much more and more profusely. Bees pollinate only a few plants.

    Learn something about science for yourselves rather than slurping this feel-good-bumper-sticker-send-your-money meme. While you’re at it, try this on for thought – the greatest producer of oxygen for our atmosphere is not forests! The rainforests could all burn to the ground and we’d be just fine, because it is algae in the oceans that produce the vast atmosphere we enjoy. And before you whine about all the cute furry animals who’d die if the forests burned, consider what those furries did before we stopped nature from burning forests naturally.

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