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Apitherapy (from Lat. apis – bee) – is the general name of methods of treatment of various human diseases with the use of live bees and bee products. The main products used in apitherapy for healing are honey, pollen, propolis, royal jelly, drone homogenate, dead bees, ambrosia, beeswax and bee venom. People make ointments, tinctures, tablets from bee products. They are used in therapy as well as bee stinging.

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Apitherapy uses various bee products such as royal jelly, propolis, pollen and bee venom.

Bee is a disposable syringe with a unique drug. By its therapeutic potential, it has no analogues.

Bee venom has a positive impact on human health, enhances immunity. Bee products contain all known vitamins and many minerals. They have antiviral, antimicrobial, immunostimulating, radioprotective, and also antihypoxic properties.

For the treatment with bee venom doctors have developed charts and tables. Each disease has its specific stinging area. Bee venom is a very powerful catalyst of almost all physiological processes in the body.

Apitherapy uses live bee stings. You must first make a biological sample to see if you can be treated with the bee venom. Usually apitherapy cures a patient in 2 – 4 weeks. During the treatment they sting bioactive body areas. Each patient should get the individual dose of bee venom. This dose depends on the list of human diseases.

What can be cured with apitherapy?

1. Nervous system.
Bee venom in small doses gives exciting effect, and in large doses – relaxing. It effectively helps to cope with the pain of different origin, has an anticonvulsant effect. In addition, apitherapy improves mood, memory, cures insomnia.It reduces the swelling of the brain, increases cerebral blood flow,  reduces alcohol and nicotine dependence. It is used in the treatment of osteochondrosis, neuritis, neuropathy, stuttering, trembling limbs, ticks, migraines, cerebral palsy, the effects of strokes, spinal disc herniation, depression, phobias, hysteria, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, paresis, paralysis and poliomyelitis.

2. The cardiovascular system and blood system.
Apitherapy can expand blood vessels and lower blood pressure. It improves work of the the heart, reduces the level of harmful cholesterol. Bee venom is used as an anticoagulant, antiplatelet agents, it has anti-arrhythmic effect, leads to an increase in blood volume. Apitherapy is used for the treatment of following diseases: coronary heart disease, angina, heart attack effects, hypertension, varicose veins, thrombosis of lower extremities, arrhythmias, myocarditis, cardiomyopathy, anemia.

3. The respiratory system.
Apitoxin enhances bronchial and thinning mucus. It has expectorant effect. It has shown excellent results in the treatment of chronic bronchitis, asthma, pleurisy effects, pneumosclerosis.

4. The digestive system.
Apitherapy stimulates gastric and the intestinal tract motility, work of the liver and increases the number of digestive enzymes, gastric juice and bile. Bee venom has antiulcer effect and is used in the treatment of peptic ulcer and duodenal ulcer, chronic gastroduodenitis, cholelithiasis and chronic hemorrhoids.

5. Musculoskeletal system.
It treats osteoarthritis deformans, infectious and allergic arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, rheumatoid arthritis, muscle contracture and Dupuytren’s contracture.

6. The endocrine system . 
It enhances the production of adrenal corticosteroids. Improves the thyroid gland and gonads. Reduces the level of sugar in the blood. Treats thyrotoxic goiter, diabetes of 2 types.

7. Dermatology : psoriasis, eczema, atopic dermatitis, itching of various locations, dermatitis.

8. Eye diseases : glaucoma, progressive myopia or hyperopia, iridocyclitis.

9. Urogenital : pathological menopause, menstrual disorders, tubal and hormonal infertility, chronic adnexitis of women, chronic prostatitis, impotence, prostate adenoma of men.

Contraindications to Apitherapy :  
• Intolerance to bee venom 
• Tuberculosis 
• Pregnancy 
• Acute and chronic infectious diseases in exacerbation 
• Renal, hepatic failure 
• Addison’s disease 
• Breastfeeding 
• Vaccination (within one month after vaccination).

Many of us are prone to delusion that everything tasty is harmful. As the classic said – all the pleasures of the world are divided into two categories: those which spoil the figure and immoral. This is not entirely true. There are pleasant exceptions – healthy, tasty and, most importantly, affordable. For example – honey. A great addition to tea or low-fat dressing for the salad – simple, tasty and healthy. But how useful it is, we are sometimes unaware of. Doctors believe that honey cures many ailments. It facilitates digestion, pollen restores health, royal jelly gives strength to the weakened body and propolis eliminates inflammation. By the way, a hard worker, giving us the honey, is also… a medicine! Yes, the usual bee can cure. For example, from the bodies of working bees and drones people prepare the drug “Apis Total” (or “the whole bee”), which should be taken orally for the treatment of the inflammation of the joints or reduced immunity. Generally, honey – is the perfect “fuel” for life. It has less calories than sugar, is quickly absorbed and tones the digestive apparatus. It regulates heart function and restores the nervous system, cures eczema, varicose veins and stomatitis. It contains vitamins A, E, C, B, H, PP and C.

Not to lose advantageous properties of honey, it is better to buy it from beekeepers, working in nature. Honey should be stored in an opaque container at a temperature of 15°C – 16°C (59 F). It retains the useful properties within six months after opening of cans. Adults should take two tablespoons a day, children – a tablespoon with dairy products (honey helps to absorb calcium). Royal jelly is a very useful product. It is a bioactive substance with anti-bacterial and anti-viral effect. It has beneficial effects on the endocrine and nervous system, normalizes the blood and blood pressure. It regulates the secretion of adrenalin, it is the perfect remedy for stress and insomnia. Royal jelly also slows down the aging of organs and skin – these properties are used in the manufacture of cosmetics. Extracted from the hive jelly loses most of its properties in 1.5 hours. Not to lose properties, it is cooled and dried to obtain a dry extract. It is best to take royal jelly with honey – in the morning, fasting, slowly dissolving under the tongue. Adults have to take 300-500 mg a day, children 100-200 mg. Propolis is also useful – it is the glue produced by bees from the sap, buds, bark and leaves of certain trees. It is used to seal the hive, to heal the climate, to protect bees from external influences. Propolis cures all the diseases of the upper respiratory tract: sore throat, allergic inflammation of the mucous membranes of the nose, chronic sinusitis, catarrh. It is very effective in the treatment of gum disease and oral herpes on the lips. Harmful germs and bacteria adapt to the latest generations of antibiotics, but can not develop immunity against the bee antiseptic.

Propolis effectы on the cardiovascular system, lowers blood pressure and reduces cholesterol. It is better to use it for one month at the beginning of the winter and early spring in the form of water-alcohol solution. It can be mixed with honey, tea or milk products. Adults have to take propolis in the following proportions. Divide your weight by two and count the appropriate number of drops (60 kg – 30 drops per day: 15 – in the morning, 15 – in the evening). Children – a quarter or a third of the adult dose.

If you decide to use apitherapy, do not neglect pollen. It is also called “bee bread”. Bees collect it and press into lumps, and then preserve with a honey-enzyme substance and place in a cell. During the fermentation pollen becomes ambrosia and is used as a “baby food” for all the larvae, except for future queens. Pollen contains more protein than meat, fish, eggs or cheese. Its amino acids help to relieve physical and mental fatigue, and selenium slows cell aging. Pollen helps digestion, develops muscles, increases the number of red and white blood cells, improves blood system. Usually people take it for one week every month or two months in a row with a break of three months. It is better to use it in the early fall or late winter. Pollen can be mixed with water, yogurt or fruit juice, royal jelly.

 All kinds of honey have medicinal properties, but it is better to choose specific types of  “liquid gold” for the treatment of some diseases.

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Flower honey is useful for colds, and lime is even better. Buckwheat honey is useful for stomach and for the treatment of anemia, sweet clover – respiratory diseases, acacia –  eyes, clover – gynecology, chestnut – for men.

Although it is difficult to get pure honey – you cannot send bees to a particular meadow and ask where it was. But polifloral honey, collected from the nectar of various honey plants, is also rich in nutrients.

White honey – among the best varieties is prized by an exceptionally pleasant taste. Has excellent antibacterial properties.
Buckwheat honey – the dark, with a sharp and spicy aroma and flavor, which even tickles in the throat. Recommended for the treatment of anemia.
Acacia honey – is one of the best varieties. It is used as a sedative for nervous diseases, diabetes, and for infant nutrition. Does not cause allergies. Is used to treat eye diseases.
Sweet Clover honey – with a very delicate flavor, resembling the smell of vanilla. Has strong antiseptic properties, is used in compresses for festering wounds and boils.
Sunflower honey – has a bright yellow color, which is enhanced by sunlight. Well removes waste from the body and is used as a diuretic.
Clover honey –  white as snow, “female” honey. Used in gynecological practice.
Chestnut honey – has a tea leaves color, characteristic bitter taste and possesses a strong stimulating effect. The people often call it male honey, as it improves the potency.
Mint honey – very sweet and pleasant taste gives the feeling of cold in the mouth. Improves digestion, has antiseptic properties.
Heather honey – quickly solidifies into a jelly. Recommended if you have the absence of appetite.
Raspberry honey – has a subtle aroma of flowers and the delicate flavor of raspberry fruit. It is a prophylactic against influenza.
Buckthorn, raspberry honey – is one of the best varieties of mixed honeys, it is useful to take it hot with tea and milk before bed for the treatment of colds.
Cornflower honey – is bright green with a flavor reminiscent of almond smell, according to many beekeepers it is the most delicious honey from all grades. Used as a diuretic, choleretic and anti-inflammatory.
Dandelion honey – is golden-yellow in color, is used for the treatment of diseases of the liver, jaundice, high blood pressure, insomnia, hemorrhoids.
Mustard honey cures respiratory diseases, promotes excretion of toxins, improves kidney, is used as a diuretic.
Honeydew honey – sticky and stringy, may be even black as tar. Bees produce it from sweet thick liquid secreted by aphids, worms and other insects that feed by plant sap. It is in great demand, as it contains the largest number of minerals and vitamins.
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May honey – most of the plants bloom in May, this mixed honey is useful in the treatment of diseases of the liver, arteriosclerosis, is used as a sedative for nervous disorders and insomnia.

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Honey for healing – apitherapy