Honey nut cereal – recipes

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Here we tell you about honey nut cereal, cookies and cakes. First, it is a cake. Ingredients for the “honey nut cake” are:

Nuts – 1-1.5 glass.
Eggs – 3 pcs
Sour cream (200 g – in the dough, 400 g – in cream) – 600 g
Butter – 100 g
Sugar (1 cup – in the dough, 1 cup – in cream) – 2 cup.
Flour – 1 glass.
Honey – 2 tbsp.
Soda – 1 tsp.

Recipe of “walnut-honey cake”
You mix 1-1.5 cups of crushed nuts with melted butter and eggs (mix one at a time), sour cream, honey (melted), sugar and flour.
If you do not like sweet, you can put less sugar. Flour is very little comparing with the nuts.

Honey nut cereal - honey nut cake (1)

Pour the batter into the pan

Honey nut cereal - honey nut cake (2)

Bake 40-45 minutes at 180 degrees C (356 F). You can bake without baking paper.

Honey nut cereal - honey nut cake (3)

Cut the cake into two

Honey nut cereal - honey nut cake (4)

This is the height

Honey nut cereal - honey nut cake (5)

Add sour cream and sugar

Honey nut cereal - honey nut cake (6)

Well, here. Let wait for a couple of hours and you can drink tea with cake.

Honey nut cereal - honey nut cake (7)

Also you can make:

Walnut and honey cookies

For this recipe you will need:

Sugar – 100g
honey – 50g
walnuts – 300g
egg – 6 pieces.
lemon zest – to taste
lemon juice – to taste
Hazelnuts – 50g.

Products are well mixed, add the whipped  into foam egg whites and again carefully stir. Pan or sheet metal is greased with butter,  put the dough in the form of bumps with a teaspoon and bake at a low temperature.

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Honey nut cereal – recipes

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