Honey rum

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Here we have a typical Canarian product that is called Honey Rum. In fact it is  liqueur from aged rum and gourmet honey from the flowers of citrus. It is sweet, slightly chewy, with a floral aroma and a hint of rum and has pleasant aftertaste. It has honey color (from gold to dark honey), clear and free of impurities and sediment. Drink it cool and a little pile, Chupito, at the end of lunch or dinner, during coffee. Do not drink too much, because it will be a terrible hangover  (and then do not say we did not warn you).  Industrial production is difficult. But Canarian women cook it at home, the recipe is easy, like they say “All mixed up – ready – drink”

Honey rum - gourmet honey


– rum 

– slightly more than quarter of honey (of the total of rum) 

– cinnamon stick

 – lemon peel

All ingredients are mixed, and let them stand for a few days. Taste can vary because of the type and amount of honey and rum brand. Strength is from 20 to 30%, and the amount of honey should not be lower than 2%.

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