Honey soy marinade

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This honey soy marinade is perfect for any dish. It is one of the most popular honey dishes.


  • soy sauce
  • honey
  • ginger
  • sesame seeds (white and black)

Honey soy marinade - honey dishes (1)

The main dish is thinly sliced and formed into a bowl and interspersed with his pieces of ginger. Stir honey in soy sauce, one full teaspoon per 100 ml of sauce. You can do it in a water bath, when the honey is thick, it should dissolve. Fill the main dish with a mixture and sprinkle with sesame seeds. Later in the fridge, and then – bake toast – all is delicious. It is very unique combination of sweet, salty and spicy. Notice – marinate from 20 minutes to 1hour, depending on a dish.

Honey soy marinade - honey dishes (2)

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