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Honey with royal jelly: a medicine, a gift from Mother Nature From ancient times, honey and royal jelly, the properties of which are confirmed by official medicine, are used to treat a wide range of diseases of different etiologies. Healers offer almost all patients a bit of honey and royal jelly, the properties of which are very diverse. At the same time, after such treatment, many patients feel better, which led scientists to pay attention to this valuable product. As a result of research, scientists found out a lot about royal jelly and the properties of the product. They also learned about the features of the use of royal jelly, because it has possible side effects.

  Royal Jelly – properties and side effects Royal Jelly is used for a long time, but people did not think about the fact what it is. This substance is produced by bees to feed the queen. Royal jelly, the properties of which are now diligently studied, contains a lot of nutrients, so bee larva grows by leaps and bounds. Reared with royal jelly, the bee matures within 16 days because of the high nutritional value of the product. If we take a closer look at the composition of royal jelly, the utility becomes obvious.

In the composition of royal jelly you can see proteins, carbohydrates, useful aminoacids and vitamins. Such a set of useful features of royal jelly makes it an immunostimulating agent. It is enough to take every day a half a teaspoon of jelly – and you can strengthen your immune system to the point that it deas with all infections without drugs.

It is true that the use of this drug for the control of acute viral infections is useless, and sometimes – even dangerous. Use of royal jelly can accelerate the spread of infection in the body, slowing the healing process. With a great care royal jelly is used during pregnancy, and toxemia. On the one hand, royal jelly, the properties of which allow you to defeat many of the symptoms of toxicity, is useful for pregnant women. It strengthens their immune system, replenishes the body with essential vitamins and nutrients. On the other hand, Royal jelly may cause an allergic reaction, which will add more problems to the lady in the situation and. Of course, you should not completely abandon the use of this product, but you may need to supervise the slightest changes in the young mom. More attention should be paid to the use of royal jelly as a tonic for infants. It is believed that the tool can support the premature children and increase the pace of their development. Indeed, during the use of royal jelly babies started eating better, faster grew, gained weight well and less were ill. However, in the course of the treatment, doctors and parents need to calculate the maximum dosage, as children are highly sensitive to bee products. Royal jelly normalizes blood pressure and restores blood vessels, enabling patients with hypotension and hypertension feel much better. Also, a few teaspoons of such drug will prevent heart attack and stroke. In addition, the use of the drug after a myocardial accelerates the healing process. It has favorable effect on thehematopoiesis, which makes this product ideal for anemia of children and adults. Products with the addition of the substance calm the nervous system, normalize the condition of patients with mental disorders. The only condition that must be followed in the treatment of diseases of the nervous system – is to take the medicine during the day, because otherwise there is a rhythm disturbance, the pulse quickens and insomnia is possible. Also you should correctly calculate the dosage of royal jelly, because small amounts produce apathy and lethargy. If you choose the right method of admission, you can have positive effect. However, you need to take it regularly. Single dose of the drug will not give a stable positive effect, but only provoke failure in the body. In general, royal jelly – it is a useful product that can be used as a preventive measure almost for everything. True, there are contraindications. Thus, royal jelly can not be used in acute infectious diseases, diseases of the adrenal glands, the presence of tumors, and in the case of individual intolerance to bee products. In other cases, a moderate reception of jelly will bring only benefits, which will raise the power and give you extra energy.

Honey with royal jelly – properties and characteristics of the drug

Recently, interest in beekeeping products made scientists to undertake the more detailed study of consumption of honey. After a long research they found out that honey with royal jelly, the properties of which are very interesting, is useful almost for everyone, regardless of age or gender. For kids you might use such a special honey instead of vitamins, because it has many essential trace elements. This drug helps to prolong life and to improve the quality of life for adults. If we use honey with royal jelly, the properties of which are extensive, in middle age and in youth, you will not have atherosclerosis and heart problems in old age. Some people do not understand why honey with royal jelly, the properties of which are unknown to them, so valued by others. In fact, everything as simple as possible. Pure royal jelly use is dangerous, because you can easily exceed the recommended dosage. In addition, it is desirable to use the jelly immediately after extraction, as a few hours later its usefulness decreases. In attempts to process it was found that most of the trace elements are destroyed. As a result, the only way to increase the shelf life of royal jelly is mixing it with honey. Honey and royal jelly, the properties of which are diverse, can be stored for nearly six months. Then  its usefulness gradually decreases as royal jelly is not designed for long-term storage. At the same time such a product as compared with pure royal jelly has a number of advantages, which greatly increases its popularity among the people. So, honey and royal jelly, the properties of which are confirmed by official medicine, is much more difficult to overdose, so the occurrence of side effects is unlikely. The addition of honey fully preserves the beneficial properties of royal jelly. So, honey and royal jelly, the properties of which continues to grow, help to push the aging, improve the immune system and improve the quality of blood. Such a product has also beneficial effect on the skin, the eyes and respiratory system. Regular consumption of this tasty medicine will effectively treat bronchitis, asthma, tonsillitis and pharyngitis. True, do not eat it for a long time, as the habituation of the organism or rejection of the product may occur. Honey with royal jelly has the properties and characteristics that can take entire volumes in various areas of traditional and conventional medicine. So, recently they began practicing the use of honey packs to combat skin diseases. It is believed that such packs pulled up all the bad – and the skin is clean and smooth. Also it is widely used in medical cosmetology, because honey masks and wraps make the skin soft and silky. Moreover, this sweet drugs can fight wrinkles, but only with regular cosmetic procedures.If we consider the honey with royal jelly – its properties and scope are not fully understood, because scientists are constantly discovering something new. However, sometimes the magical properties of honey and royal jelly are slightly exaggerated, but most of the clever books do not lie.

Honey is considered as one of the most useful drugs created by nature itself. 

 Honey with royal jelly – the application in different fields

Honey and royal jelly, the use of which has become a new fashion, are really useful, but you need to clearly distinguish between fiction and reality. So, do not think that the honey with different additives is a panacea for all ills. There are a number of diseases in which the use of bee products can lead to complications. So, you can not use this product if you have an allergy or family history of allergic reaction to honey. Honey with royal jelly is very dangerous in the presence of tumors. True, honey with royal jelly can treat much more diseases. In gynecology honey helps women to get rid of many problems, and it helps fertility. In addition, medical weight loss with honey also found common popularity. Drugs, which include honey, are used to fight with BPH and prostatitis of men.

Instead of an epilogue, or a few words about honey

Honey – a natural product that helps a person to feel better, strengthen the immune system. True, like any drug, it should be taken wisely, without fanaticism. Do not eat much, but use a few spoonfuls of honey during the day and you will have a vigor and efficiency. In general, a little patience – and honey with royal jelly will improve your life and fill it with bright colors.

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