How to start beekeeping

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First, you must determine – what goal you set for yourself deciding to keep the bees?
The answer to this question will determine how will you start beekeeping. Many beginners keep bees to have quite natural honey, pollen, propolis at home. It’s enough to have no more than three or four beehives. Others want to have extra money in your pocket (about 15-20 beehives ), but in any case it is necessary to love these amazing creatures – bees. Only then you can  get really good honey, propolis, pollen, and other things that will improve your health and well-being, and will fill your wallet.

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First of all, you need to decide – where your apiary will be .

The most convenient is the rugged hilly terrain, where the timing of flowering of each type of honey plants grow longer, depending on the sun. On the southern slopes the plants bloom earlier, on the east and west a little later, and on the northern slopes more later. Not least, that the rolling hills of the area within a radius of 2 km (the maximum length of the collection from the hive) will be significantly higher than in the plains. Choose a place for the apiaryaway from farms, compost pits, and most importantly – the fields treated with pesticides. At the apiary is recommended to keep a first aid kit with medicines for first aid for bee stings (Stung). This kit must have spirit and cotton.

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It  is desirable to make impenetrable fence of 2 meters around  the apiary so bees will fly up to gain height, less annoying neighbors. Fence also serves as protection from high winds (in fact it is found that speed of a wind of 8 m/s  changes air composition in hives 2-3 times per hour).

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To work with the bees try to choose light colored clothing, lint-free, dense enough, comfortable, does not restrict movement, so do not allow the bees to touch the body. It is also recommended at first wear rubber gloves, although many beekeepers work without them, but still in the early stages (as long as you do not appear skills in handling bees) it is better to wear them. In addition, near hives with bees the front grid must always be worn on you .

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Now very briefly about the inventory. Every beginner beekeeper need only two tools for the very first works on an apiary: a chisel and smoker. But in the future work with the bees you will need a lot of various tools, but it can be purchased as needed.

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How to start beekeeping

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