Organic raw honey

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Beekeeping is a useful for goodies (honey comb), and healing ingredients of drugs (propolis), and the source of new life, because bees pollinate numerous flower gardens and meadows.People use the bees to their advantage, often with scant attention to little workers. As a result, not only the bees suffer, but also the quality of their production of honey decreases . Organic production oh honey cares about bees, their conditions and habitat. Just a few guidelines can help you to get pure healing fragrant raw honey and preserve the natural environment.

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7 key rules 

1. It is forbidden to place apiaries in fields where agrochemicals and genetically modified crops are used, so you strengthen biological connections and promote  soil fertility. Thus, within the flight of bees absence of harmful plants is warranted.

2. Within a radius of 3 km from the apiary wild plants or crops grown organically should be, without the use of agrochemicals.

3. The hives must be made of natural materials. Inside the hives only natural products such as propolis, wax and plant oils must be used .

4. When pumping honey do not dispose of the bees (as a way of getting honey), use chemical sprays and synthetic drugs.

5. To disinfect the hives use physical methods, such as steam or fire. 

6. Bees are not fed with sugar syrup. You leave enough honey and pollen for  the bees in the winter. Antibiotics are strictly prohibited .

7. Honey is not heated, because a toxic substance – hydroxymethylfurfural, which affects the nervous system is produced in honey at high temperatures.

The use of organic honey is not only good for health, but also it is your care about the environment.

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Organic raw honey

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