Raspberry honey

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Raspberry Ordinary (Latin – Rubus idaeus) – shrub of the Rose family . One of the most fragrant varieties of honey.

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Color: Raspberry raw uncooked honey is the light honey of the highest quality. In liquid form it is almost colorless, crystallized  – with cream shade – from fine to macrocrystalline.

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Taste and aroma: raspberry honey has a delicate scent of flowers and the delicate flavor of raspberrie, very pleasant aroma and wonderful taste. Honeycomb with a raspberry has a delicate taste and is seemed to melt in the mouth.

Medical properties: raspberry honey removes fatigue, nervous tension and, like other honeys, has beneficial effects on the entire human body. Especially useful is this honey raspberry for colds.

When it flowers: it blooms in June and July for 25-40 days. The flowers produce nectar and contain a lot of pollen. Bees are very actively attended by raspberries. With a good, warm weather and sufficient humidity the nectar secretion increases, which improves the honey harvest. There are years when raspberry honey-collecting for the day reaches 2-3.5 kg per family.

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Where: raspberry honey is available in the areas of deforestation, in the gully areas, in the forest and on the burned areas. The largest tracts of raspberries are in the northern forest zone, forest-steppe zone, foothill and mountain-forest zone.

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Because the flower of raspberry is tipped down a bee extracting nectar has a natural canopy and can work even in the rain. Raspberry honey is very useful for colds.

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  •       Aerosol inhalation for a cold: in a teapot with a little boiling water add 1 tbsp. of raspberry honey. Breath in the steam through a rubber tube, putting on the spout, for 15-20 minutes. Make inhalation before the night. The course of treatment is 10-20 days.
  •       Stewed fruit honey is especially good for colds. Make a drink from any berries and fruits. Fresh fruits and berries are filled with water, then bring it to a boil, then keep for at least 6 hours. Then add the raspberry honey, spices, give a boil, skim and drink hot. Spices are cinnamon, vanilla, lemon and orange zest, cardamom and others.
  •      When you have a cold it is useful to drink syrup of raspberry honey and juice of horseradish in the ratio of 1:1.

Oleary, who visited Russia in the middle of the XVII century, wrote: “Gorgeous and delicious honey they brew of raspberries, blackberries, cherries, etc. Raspberry honey is above all other by smell and taste.”

Raspberries are poured in warm boiled water, keep for one day, then drain the water and squeeze out the raspberries. Add honey, stir, put a piece of toasted rye bread with yeast, and put in a warm place.When the fermentation begins, remove bread, so honey does not get it’s taste,  leave to ferment for another 4-5 days. Then strain it and put in a cool place.

raspberries 1 kg
honey 2 cup
water 2 l
yeast 5 g
black bread 1 bit
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Raspberry honey

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