Whipped honey butter – oil for hair

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Honey oil
First we tell you about honey oil and then we tell a recipe of making of whipped honey butter.

Honey oil is a high consistency substance, which is made by way of extraction from the honeycomb. Best solvent for honey oil is an alcohol.

 Curative effect on the body 

Honey oil softens sensitive and irritated skin. 

Curative effect on the soul

Honey aroma oils soften negative moods. It balances anxious feelings and gives them warmth and softness. At the same time it soothes and relaxes the nervous system in general. Effect of honey is similar to a subconscious perception of childhood memories: soft, warm, honeyed scent of baking, home, familiar flavors, milk and honey in the cold. They are hidden in the depths of our memory associations with the carefree joy of childhood and make honey oil impact on the mental health especially effective. 

Combination with other flavors 

For children honey oil can be mixed with oil of clementine or mandarin. Vanilla gives a soft, soothing note. 

Application of oil 

Honey is a nice addition to the aromatic blends for baths, massage oils and aroma lamps. It will give the necessary warmth in any type of aroma procedures. 

Applications of aroma lamp 

This blend of flavors is best suited for children’s parties. Ingredients: 5 drops of honey oil, 2 drops of oils of vanilla and mandarin Aromabath 

Bath is designed to relieve tension, soothe and care for skin. Ingredients: 3 drops of honey oil and oil of linaloe, 2 drops of vanilla oil. Caution 

 If you are allergic to honey, propolis and honey products – honey oil can not be used. 

honey hair oil

 Whipped honey butter

Whipped honey butter

You can use it for pancakes and crepes! You can use honey and butter, but you can make the honey butter. Doing it is not so difficult. Take honey (liquid) and stir it. Honey has a little bleach. Now, still whisking, add the softened butter. Whisk until smooth and serve with freshly baked pancakes and crepes. 
If you have baked cakes before and did not want them to cool down, then I would suggest you to put them on a greased pan with butter, cover with foil and place in a warm oven. So your pancakes remain hot.

Products: 3/4 glass of honey, 1/2 glass of butter

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Whipped honey butter – oil for hair